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Welcome to Headquarters-Infoline Special covering the failure to get fully funded annual Kordia accounts for site leases.

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Kordia Co-Location Agreement

I regret to report that negotiations with respect to fully funding the annual Kordia account for site leases have been unsuccessful. A change late last year to the Equipment Schedule introduced by Kordia, charging for rack space as well as the antennas, has almost doubled the annual fees payable.

Negotiations over the last two years have seen the annual amount payable reduce from over $27,000 per annum ($27,350), down to a total of just under $10,000 per year ($9966.00). Despite offers of financial help from Branches with equipment in Kordia sites, totaling $3966, the shortfall which would be a debt your Association would have to pay, is $6000 per annum. Council, at its face-to-face meeting in Wellington over the weekend of February 20/21 concluded that this was unsustainable.

There are a total of 11 Kordia sites around New Zealand where we have repeater equipment located: Te Aroha, Mt Egmont, Wharitie, Mt Erin, Mt. Grey, Blue Duck, Fitzherbert, Whakapunake, Kuriwao, Mt Murchison and Mt Cargill. The negotiations with Kordia resulted in the offer to "pay for some" and stay at the rest for free, provided that the space is not required for future Kordia equipment and systems. Arising from this offer, it was determined that there were three sites we could not do without in order to keep the National System going: Mt Egmont (Taranaki), Blue Duck and Mt. Cargill. These three sites do not have any viable alternative site which equipment could be relocated to without major re-engineering of the National System.

For the three sites we need to keep the National System viable in its present form (Mt. Egmont, Blue Duck and Mt. Cargill), the annual cost is $9206 including GST. This does not include power which paid for all 11 sites which is currently another $760 per annum incl. GST.

As a result, I regret I have had to advise Kordia that NZART is unable to sign the Co-Location Agreement. The consequence of this is that we will have to shut down and remove the amateur radio equipment from all 11 sites at the earliest opportunity unless your Branch can meet the on-going cost - see 1 below.

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Vaughan Henderson ZL1TGC

NZART Vice-President.


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