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In This Issue
*From The Business Manager ZL2TDM
*AREC Report From Christchurch & North Canterbury Sections of AREC
*Get on The Optical Bus
*More HF Sprint Contests After Requests From Participants
*Online Radio Course From DoC (Department of Conservation)
*Frequencies From The Doug Gorman Memorial Frequency Measuring Contest
*A Reminder of NZART Names and Lists
*Did You Know That Exam Candidates Can Join NZART and
   Get One Year Free Membership?
*Upcoming Events
*Contest News
==VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes
==HF Contests
*General Information For Break-In and HQ Infoline
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From The Business Manager ZL2TDM

Debby Says...

Call For Council and Presidential Nominations

In the next issue of Break In, the Returning Officer Evan Sayer has called for nominations for Council and Presidential elections. If your branch has someone who you feel would and could represent not only your local branch, but the region on Council, please send your nominations addressed to the "Returning Officer" before the end of December.

Nomination forms can be obtained from me here at HQ.

No Subscription Rebates After 30 November 2010

A reminder that subscription rebates are $15 and in order to be eligible for this rebate you must pay on or before 30 November 2010.

Talk soon...Debby ZL2TDM



Christchurch Earthquake 4-SEPT-2010 @ 4.36AM

Updated Saturday 11th September 2010

A substantial earthquake struck Christchurch in the early hours of Saturday, after the initial shock (7.1) as to what had happened AREC operators came on the air to establish communications firstly amongst themselves just to see who had suffered what.

Their first port of call was the immediate needs of ones family to make sure that all was secure and OK, neighbours met neighbours for the first time in many cases, being dark and without power one could not see the extent of the damage.

AREC Base Stations came on the air to monitor nominated frequencies then called in check-in stations. Our local VHF repeaters were on reduced output power as they were on back-up power systems, the audible beep on the tail of the main Christchurch repeater let operators know what its status was, operators were advised of only essential use of the system to conserve battery life.

Communication Systems Operating

Christchurch City Civil Defence permanent radio communication systems were unaffected even though the CDHQ was in the process of being relocated from the old premises to the new City Councils building, this was established in the alternative CDHQ in the Art Gallery.

Early on no Area HQ's or Service Centres were activated, as existing communication systems were available. Later on one or two were activated for a short time for Refuge centres. At no stage were any requests for technical assistance.

Many of the FM/AM broadcast stations went off the air for various time periods then came back on with all the usual DJ hype.

After the initial shock both the standard telephone and cellular systems became overloaded but after pleas from the media people soon realized what they were doing, most of these networks stayed intact and operational on back up power despite several cellular towers leaning.

Credit must go to the high engineering standard of these systems.

Communication Systems used by AREC

All local VHF repeaters remained fully operational,

CHCH 705, Mt Herbert 725, Mt Grey 675 used for chit chat, Cass Peak 5625

UHF National System although the Christchurch port was turned off to conserve battery life

VHF Simplex 146.475 146.575 for local chit chat

HF 3900 5320/5395 7100 USB Monitored.

Christchurch AREC Comms vehicle (ZK9EAC Civilian Bus) all the above. Used in the Recovery Phase in conjunction with the Military for 3days.

Christchurch AREC Comms vehicle (ZK9EAD Diahatsu)

SAR VHF Handhelds (ES Band simplex)

The North Canterbury Section were involved with CDEM Comms since the quake last Saturday by providing operators at Waimak EOC (Rangiora), Kaiapoi Welfare Centre(Initially at Kaiapoi North School now at the Kaiapoi Rugby Football Club), Pines-Kairaki Welfare Centre (Pines Beach hall). They have been rested over the weekend, except that two operators have set up an extra base at the Kaiapoi Community Centre for the NZ Army. Everyone will be back on duty Monday. To Date they have completed over 235 duty hours a total of 11 operators involved.

The North Canty AREC Section has the township of Kaipoi in its area which was badly hit also Communications here are on established permanent radio networks for Civil defence.

Just a few statistics from Sat 4th to Sat 11th there have been 388 seismic shocks recorded ranging from 3.0 to 5.4. Sat 4th 93 Sun 5th 98 Mon 6th 80 Tue 7th 47 Wed 8th 40 Thurs 9th 19 Fri 10th 11

Aftershocks are still being felt throughout Canterbury on an hourly basis and it is wearying to say the least

North Canterbury AREC Operators

Colin ZL3COL, Rob ZL3RO, Don ZL3DMC, Tony ZL3HAM, Denise ZL3HI, Bev ZL3OV, Barrie ZL3UC, David ZL3AI and Geoff ZL3QR.

Plus ever forgiving XYL's

CHCH AREC Operators

Dudley ZL3GG Section Leader, Jeni ZL3TCG, Barry ZL3ACU, Barry ZL3TNQ, Jeremy ZL3RT, Gareth ZL3VP Area Manager, Geoff ZL3PX, Alan ZL3GX, David ZL2IC, Richard ZL4FZ, Steve ZL2UCX, Rob ZL3RX and Greg ZL3IX.

Plus ever forgiving XYL,s If I have missed someones name please let me know


To our Families,

To AREC Management,


To all those who have offered assistance and support in any way


Geoff Chapman ZL3PX ZK6EXA

Assistant National Director AREC NZ



Get on the Optical Bus

IBM's light-powered links overcome the greatest speed bump in supercomputing: interconnect bandwidth

Sad but true: About three-quarters of the time, your computer processor is doing nothing more than waiting for data—the cybernetic equivalent of twiddling one's thumbs. It doesn't matter whether you've got the latest processor, surrounded it with high-speed RAM, or lovingly hot-rodded your system with the latest in liquid cooling. Your speed is primarily set not by the processing power you have but by the connections that stand between that processor and the data it needs.

The problem is that data transfer is accomplished by the movement of an electronic signal along old-fashioned copper wires—the same basic phenomenon that a century and a half ago carried news of the U.S. Civil War over telegraph lines. It's time we saw the light—literally—and stopped shackling ourselves to electrons moving along copper conductors....

Please see links below for full article:



73 de ZL1GWE John, NZART IARU Monitoring Service Coordinator


More HF Sprint Contests After Requests From Participants

Following the running of another successful Waitakere Sprint contests some participants have requested additional sprint contests be held during the year. Papakura Radio Club who have organised the Waitakere Sprint for the past three years are adding the following Sprint Contests to the Contest Calendar. November will be the Papakura Sprint, February the Summer Sprint and in May the Tasman Sprint series so the calendar will look like this.

Name Waitakere Sprint Contests
Phone Last Saturday night in July
CW First Saturday night in August
Name Papakura Sprint Contests
Phone First Saturday night in November
CW Second Saturday night in November
Name Summer Sprint Contests
Phone First Saturday night in February
CW Second Saturday night in February
Name Tasman Sprint Contests
Phone Second Saturday night in May
CW Third Saturday night in May

All sprints will run under the same rules and are open to all Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island stations.

Operators are to record as many contacts as possible from within the total group of participating stations.

Each sprint is just one hour duration 9.00 – 10.00 UTC

One category… no weighting or juggling… the high score wins.

Certificates issued to top 6 places.

The results will also be sorted into callsign prefix areas of operating for area comparison showing highest VK1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and ZL1,2,3,4 etc.

Full rules will be provided for each Sprint and be added to the Papakura Radio Clubs web site… search ‘ZL1VK’.

If you would like notice of a forthcoming sprint emailed to yourself, send an email to prc@ihug.co.nz with ‘sprints’ in the subject line.

David ZL1DK


Online Radio Course From DoC (Department of Conservation)

This course is not a detailed technical course but an excellent introduction to the practical use of radio equipment used in communication.

The course relates to the frequencies and equipment used by DoC.

A person, after studying the courses, would be well versed in the practical use of radio equipment.

The course is made up of four modules:

* Module 1 - describes the principles of VHF radio

* Module 2 - covers the use of handheld radios

* Module 3 - explains how to use mobile and base radios

* Module 4 - describes how to set up portable repeater units.

The course is designed for people who use DOC’s radio network, including: DOC staff, Volunteers, Members of community groups and contractors.

This course is free and online at:


Extractions from the course would be valuable for people taking amateur radio classes.

Jamie Pye ZL2NN


Results of the 2010 Waitakere Sprints. Also at:


The following are results for the 2010 Waitakere Sprints series.

Phone                            CW
VK4ZD       48     1st VK        ZL1ALZ       26   1st ZL1
VK4QS       47     2nd VK        VK4SN        26    1st VK
VK4SN       45     3rd VK        VK3IO        26    2nd VK
VK2ACD      44                   ZL1AJY       25
VK4VW       43                   ZL2AGY       24   1st ZL2
VK3IO       42                   ZL2AUA/ZL1   22
ZL1FAV      40     1st ZL1       ZL2JU        21
VK4GH       39                   VK7GN        21    3rd VK
ZL1AJY      39                   ZL1VD/ZL2    20
ZL1ALZ      39                   ZL4IG        19   1st ZL4
ZL1BYZ      39                   ZL1DK        19
ZL1DK       39                   ZL2BIT       18
ZL1SWW      39                   ZL2AOH       17
VK3BTV      32                   ZL4IM        14
ZL4RMF      31     1st ZL4       ZL1BYZ       14
ZL1REY      30                   VK8AV        14
VK7JGD      27                   VK3OZ        12
ZL1VD/ZL2   24     1st ZL2       ZL4KJ         9
ZL4IG       24                   ZL1FAV        9
VK4ATH      23                   VK2PN         6
ZL3GL       23     1st ZL3
ZL4IM       23
VK3ZPF      21
ZL1SK       21
ZL1VRR      20
ZL2BIT      20
ZL1AKY      19
VK2VVV      17
ZL4KJ       15
ZL1ALK      14
ZL1IJ       14
ZL1AOX      12
VK3DYL      10

Thanks to all who participated in this year's Waitakere Sprint series.

Some logs listed were sent in as Check Logs but I like to acknowledge all participants and have included all logs received, one from an operator who was entertaining guests but managed to sneak out and give some numbers.

These are all appreciated and add to the fun for the rest of us.

David ZL1DK


Frequencies From The Doug Gorman Memorial Frequency Measuring Contest

Here are the five frequencies for the NZART Doug Gorman Memorial Frequency Measuring Contest.

Calibration Frequency: 3895.000000 kHz

Frequency 1: 3899.942011 kHz

Frequency 2: 3890.100100 kHz

Frequency 3: 3897.099785 kHz

Frequency 4: 3893.599292 kHz

Frequency 5: 3894.351144 kHz

There is still some more work to do before provisional results for competitors can be published. Stay 'tuned'.

John ZL4JY

Shifting the decimal point from the values given above we get:

3899942.011 Hz or 3899942011 mHz

3890100.100 Hz or 3890100100 mHz

3897099.785 Hz or 3897099785 mHz

3893599.292 Hz or 3893599292 mHz

3894351.144 Hz or 3894351144 mHz

where mHz is millihertz. Yes the frequencies are given to one-thousand-part of a hertz.(ED)


A Reminder of NZART Names and Lists


Names are:


Please note the addition of the word LISTS after the AT

Lists are:


Did You Know That Exam Candidates Can Join NZART and
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For details see the last section of the Radio 4A Form at:

Upcoming Events

Western Suburbs RC NZART Branch 03 Used Equipment Sale
Western Suburbs RC NZART Branch 03 Used Equipment Sale
will be 9th October 2010 at the
Rosebank Rd Primary School
217 Rosebank Rd
Avondale Auckland.
73 ian zl1rca


2010 Silverfern Rally 14-20 Nov 2010


New Zealand Amateur Radio Day


The purpose of the New Zealand Amateur Radio Day is to promote our hobby to the public so that some may be encouraged to join the local club, take on classes and become amateur radio operators.


From 1000-1200 hours local time annually on the 3rd Saturday of January...

Full information can be found at:


UPPER HUTT NZART Conference 2011 - Pre-registration

Details can be found at:

Contest News

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

The next contest is the MICROWAVE CONTEST, all bands 614 MHz and up, on Saturday the 2 and Sunday the 3 of OCTOBER 2010. The operating times are: Saturday 1700 to 2300 NZT and Sunday 0700 to 1300 NZT.

The rules are available at: http://www.vhf.org.nz/VHF-UHF-SHF-ContestRules
Logs should be sent within two weeks, to:
zl2wa@clear.net.nz with Contest Log in the subject line,
or by post to:
Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington
Wellington VHF Group Website http://www.vhf.org.nz

HF Contests

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Microwave Contest 2/3-Oct  To Rules »

Oceania All Bands SSB 02-OCT-2010 To Rules »

Oceania All Bands CW 09-OCT-2010 To Rules »

Straight Key Night (First Sunday in November) 07-NOV-2010 Rules »

Boat Anchor Sprint 13-NOV-2010 Rules »

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest VHF/UHF/SHF Field Day 04/05-Dec-2010 To Rules »

Kiwi Digital Modes Group Twin Sprint Contest 04/05-Dec-2010 To Rules »

Contests 2011

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest DX Weekend 06/07-FEB-2011 To Rules »

For contests not mentioned here and for a list of contests that have ZL participation in, please see the NZART Web Contest page at:

General Information For Break-In and HQ Infoline

Break-In - From the Break-In Editor John ZL3IB


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