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NZART Headquarters Infoline Issue 210
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Welcome to Headquarters-Infoline a twice-monthly bulletin of news from NZART Headquarters e-mailed directly to Branches, the amateur radio packet Bulletin Board Service and to others that subscribe through the NZART Website at:

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In This Issue
*From The Business Manager ZL2TDM
*Answers to "A 1928 Description of Amateur Station 1AS"
*ZL3 Buildathon Christchurch
*Did You Notice?
*Did You Know That Exam Candidates Can Join NZART For $30?
*RSM Call Book Database is on The NZART Website
*Minister releases decision on 900 MHz Band
*Internet Connected Amateur Radio
*NZART Council Working Action Points
*Upcoming Events
*UPPER HUTT NZART Conference 2011 - Pre-registration
*Contest News
==VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes
==HF Contests
*General Information For Break-In and HQ Infoline
*Attachment(s) for Branches: NZART Headquarters Infoline 210.doc
PLUS: Sked For Boat Trip PDF


From The Business Manager ZL2TDM

Debby Says...

Amateur Radio Calendars

At Conference Peter Loveridge ZL1UKG was advertising an amateur radio Calendar, details of which are below if you would like to order one.

The calendar covers July 2010 to June 2011 so it ties in with Conferences.

The date information includes public holidays for NZ and Provinces plus contests on both HF and VHF that are managed from New Zealand. The photographs are chosen from activities associated with the hobby and in this year include history (Musick Memorial radio station), AREC (Rally of NZ), Telegraph and SPAM equipment, VHF Contest, a "shack" and equipment, Kiwi Sat, a Working Bee at the Klondyke repeater site.

The cost is $13 per copy. Postage is $1.50 for up to 4 copies in a C4 envelope. Inquiries may be addressed to the Auckland VHF Group or to Peter Loveridge, 5 Mostyn Street, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, email peterlov@ihug.co.nz

Payment may be by cheque or Internet Transfer to 12-3019-0781605-00. Payment is required before the order is posted out.

Please do not send any order requests to NZART headquarters.

Nelson Branch

Members from Nelson Branch have arranged to keep a daily sked for a special expedition of six young sea cadets sailing to Noumea starting from Saturday 3rd July. For more details see the following web site:


You are invited to monitor this activity at the sked times (and also 147.025 for talkback to Nelson Branch Members operating)

Full details of frequency and times can be found at:


SMART Applications for a Certificate of Competency

I may have mentioned, but it is timely to do so again. As at 1 October 2010,it will be mandatory for any new Certificate of Competency and call sign application to include a passport photo. A witness must authenticate this photo before being submitted with the Radio 4A Application.

Talk soon...Debby ZL2TDM


Answers to "A 1928 Description of Amateur Station 1AS"

Hi Jamie:

Yes, the "felix" was a play on words for "helix" which was the coil in the transmitter.

While nowadays we think of "helix" as the generic form of an inductance for hf work, in those days a flat spiral or "pancake" coil was also widely used.

Oil in the rectifiers. Presume this station used "slop jar" rectifiers to convert ac from the power transformer secondary to something like dc. The slop jars were electrolytic, made use of the principle that certain electrolytes with electrodes of different metals suspended in them conducted better in one direction than another. These devices were connected in series to handle the voltages involved. Oil was floated on top of the electrolyte to stop it from evaporating under natural conditions or the considerable warmth generated by the passage of the current through them when in use.

Most electrolytes were highly corrosive, hence not popular with her indoors as they sputtered at times and burned holes in carpets, wallpaper or pet animals.

"Troubled Hartley". The typical Hartley power oscillator had a parallel tuned circuit between plate and grid of a valve, with a tapping point at rf ground somewhere along the coil, typically about 1/3 way up from the grid connection.

There were numerous techniques used to couple the power from the oscillator to the antenna. Could include tapping the antenna directly on to the coil, or various capacitive or inductive methods. So the final result could well be a "troubled" Hartley.

Although these transmitters were very simple, in fact there were many variables and it usually required a great deal of nous and experiment to get one to work well.

Notwithstanding, the globe was circled with just such technology.

73 es gl

Barry ZL1DD

Ps ZL2JJ has a replica 1929 TPTG single valve tx which he has used with success on 80m, even showing up well in the Sangster Shield. First time I ever worked Peter he was using this rig. Lovely bell like note, frequency shifting slightly and ever so slowly as his antenna swung in the breeze. Interested persons might drop him a line, could get a demonstration.


Thank you Barry
The whole machine sounded mighty primitive to me and your description confirms it.
Jamie ZL2NN ED



Do you not have the space for a 160 m dipole?

Do you have difficulty hearing on some HF bands due to high QRM?

Do you do not have a tri band beam antenna but would like to use one?

Have you moved to a new QTH and are not able to put up HF equipment?

Do you travel a lot and want to be able to access HF to make contact with your Ham friends?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions then we may have the answer to help.

Why not try the ZL1CLUB HF node at the Papakura Radio Club, go to:
and learn all about how you can have access to the ZL1CLUB Link, a shared HF station to help you keep in contact with your ham friends.

"ZL1CLUB" by the number One Club helping Amateur Radio operators stay on the air





Branch 11 Gisborne has applied for a 2 metre APRS Digipeater at Whakapunake, Topo50 map reference BH42 992.89 915.63. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to other stations and that the transmit and receive frequency will be 144.575 MHz.

Branch 30 Otago has applied for a 70 cm repeater at Rudd Road, Topo50 map reference CE17 032.61 204.29. We have selected a repeater transmit frequency of 439.150 MHz. The associated repeater receive frequency will be 434.150 MHz. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to other stations.

Branch 81 Waikato VHF has applied to relocate a simplex linking transceiver from Te Aroha to Te Uku, Topo50 map reference BD32 733.36 067.57. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to other stations and that the transmit and receive frequency can remain on 430.2125 MHz.

Branch 81 Waikato VHF has applied for a simplex linking transceiver at Te Uku, Topo50 map reference BD32 733.36 067.57. FMTAG has chosen a transmit and receive frequency of 439.350 MHz. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to other stations.

Branch 81 Waikato VHF has applied for a simplex linking transceiver at Te Weraiti, Topo50 map reference BD36 558.18 103.12. FMTAG has chosen a transmit and receive frequency of 439.350 MHz. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to other stations.

Branch 81 Waikato VHF has applied to relocate its 2 metre repeater from Te Aroha to Te Weraiti, Topo50 map reference BD36 558.18 103.12. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to other stations and that the repeater transmit frequency can remain on 146.950 MHz. The associated repeater receive frequency will be 146.350 MHz.

Branch 88 Tauranga Emergency Communications has applied for a 2 metre repeater at TECT All Terrain Park, Topo50 map reference BE36 749.37 969.25. FMTAG has chosen a repeater transmit frequency of 147.025 MHz and associated repeater receive frequency of 147.625 MHz. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to other stations.


The Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) section of the MED has changed the station location module of its Spectrum Management And Registration Technology (SMART) system from the NZ260 map (NZ1949 Geoid) to the Topo50 map (NZ2000 Geoid).

For more information, please see:


The above applications are the first to use the new system.

Please delete old versions of the NZART Licence Application Form 10 from your computer and download the new version from the NZART web site.



None this month.


Please send your comments and suggestions on the above matters, and on any other FMTAG matters, by e-mail to:


Applications for repeaters, beacons, digipeaters, point-to-point links, and so on, should be made on the latest version of FMTAG Form 10. The latest versions of FMTAG Form 10, and the explanatory Form 10A, are available on the NZART web site:


Completed forms should be sent by e-mail to



ZL3 Buildathon Christchurch

ZL3 Buildathon Christchurch events will be held Thursday July 8th and Thursday July 15th as part of the CCC Kidsfest.co.nz holiday programme at Kendal School, Kendal Avenue, Burnside, Christchurch, 8:30am for a 9am start.

Fifteen Christchurch kids 10-14 years will be building AM radio kitsets and they’d welcome some local hams to guide soldering and assembly.

If you could spare just a morning, please call David Searle 03 358 2424 or

e-mail zl3dws@nzart.org.nz today.

More info at:



Did You Notice?

Did You Notice that there was a request from NZART Council, for a volunteer(s) to help with information for amateurs that are coming to New Zealand for The Rugby World Cup 2011?. 'Infoline 208' and 'The-Rugby-World-Cup.pdf' have the full details of what is required. These two documents can be found on the NZART Web at:

http://www.nzart.org.nz/pdf/2010/The-Rugby-World-Cup.pdf, and


Did You Know That Exam Candidates Can Join NZART For $30?

A special fee structure for new candidates is offered to encourage them to join the Association at the time of making application for a new call sign and certificate of competency.

Callsign and certificate allocation
NZART membership for first year
Total payable



RSM Call Book Database is on The NZART Website

The NZART Administration Liaison Officer, Don Wallace ZL2TLL, has obtained a pre-Call Book copy of the RSM Call Book Database that is on the NZART Website, but sadly not to stay ED.

The purpose of this is to give people the ability to check their own and their friends listings and for the person with the entry in error to get in touch with RSM to correct any errors. This will then give us a more accurate Call Book.

Details can be updated either online at:


(you will need your log in details) or by phoning RSM on 0508 776 463.

For Silent Keys, there is a form available at


and this can be filled in and posted to Debby at HQ (PO Box 40-525 Upper Hutt 5140) with relevant supporting documentation by a person authorised to do so.

For further information, please see the help files online at:


or contact RSM as above

Tony Case ZL1UD

Northern District Council Member


Minister Releases Decision on 900 MHz Band

Steven Joyce, Minister for Communications and Information Technology, has just announced details of the changes planned for the 806-960 MHz radio spectrum band.The parts of the decision that affect amateurs are as follows:

**Add 915-920 MHz (5 year lead-time)

**Remove 928-929 MHz

**give Amateurs access to all of 915-928 MHz (5 year lead-time)

**allow RFIDs increased power (4 W) in the sub-band 920-926 MHz

These will be published in the 15 July NZ Gazette.Most changes will be effective immediately, except for the removal of the 928-929 MHz frequencies from the Amateur GURLs, which will not come into force until 28 days later (12 August).

For a summary of the changes, please see this link:


Members wanting further information can access the full report at:



Don Wallace ZL2TLL

NZART Administration Liaison Officer


Internet Connected Amateur Radio

The Ministry has raised some concerns with NZART about IRLP, D-Star, Echolink, APRS and similar modes as they do not appear to fit within our current licence (GURL) conditions.

Concerns raised include:

*the use of unattended transmitters and unlicensed digipeaters for APRS and

*Amateurs based overseas operating (via the Internet) a NZ amateur station.

The ALO, Don Wallace ZL2TLL is currently putting together a paper on this topic and would appreciate input from interested amateurs.

Will anyone interested in contributing please send an email to

alo@nzart.org.nz with "Internet Connected Amateur Radio" in the subject line

Please feel free to contact me with any queries.


Don Wallace ZL2TLL

NZART Administration Liaison Officer


NZART Council Working Action Points

Updated July-2010

Upcoming Events

Western Suburbs RC NZART Branch 03 Used Equipment Sale
Western Suburbs RC NZART Branch 03 Used Equipment Sale
will be 9th October 2010 at the
Rosebank Rd Primary School
217 Rosebank Rd
Avondale Auckland.
73 ian zl1rca

2010 Silver Rally 14-20 Nov 2010
http://www.silverfernrally.co.nz/, or

UPPER HUTT NZART Conference 2011 - Pre-registration

On behalf of the Steering Committee, we welcome you to the Upper Hutt NZART Conference 2011. The Conference will build on the success of the previous conferences, which were held in Upper Hutt in 2000 and 1979. The objective of this conference is to further enhance NZART as an organisation and amateur radio. The conference will maintain the quality of the previous conferences while incorporating new features to enhance your experience.

Silverstream Retreat
3 Reynolds Bach Drive
Upper Hutt
Phone: 04 562 9080
Reservation free phone:
0800 800 499
Fax: 04 563 5284

Wouxun KG-UVD1P Dual band VHF/UHF Handheld by pre-registration, valued at $300.00. (with additional accessories of a USB Programming Cable and a Speaker/Microphone) Send a cheque for $25.00 to pre-register before 5-November-2010 and be in the draw to win this transceiver. It will be pre-programmed with New Zealand 2 m and 70 cm Repeaters (including National System Repeaters).

Prize draw will be announced in Break-In November/December 2010 issue.

Pre-Registration: UH Conference 2011, 204 Plateau Road, Upper Hutt 5018

(Note: there is no refund on this deposit by pre-registration.)


Contest News

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

The next contest is the BRASS MONKEY CONTEST, all bands 50 MHz and up, on Saturday the 7 and Sunday the 8 of AUGUST 2010. The operating times are: Saturday 1700 to 2300 NZT and Sunday 0700 to 1300 NZT.

The rules are available at: http://www.vhf.org.nz/VHF-UHF-SHF-ContestRules
Logs should be sent within two weeks, to:
zl2wa@clear.net.nz with Contest Log in the subject line,
or by post to:
Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington
Wellington VHF Group Website http://www.vhf.org.nz

HF Contests



IARU HF World Championship 10/11-JUL To Rules »

Waitakere Sprints Phone 24-JUL To Rules »

IOTA Contest 24/25-JUL To Rules »

Contest Manager's Report For 3/4-July-2010

Nothing much in the way of international HF contests for 3/4 July, except possibly the Lighthouse and DL-RTTY Contests - information below.

HF propagation is really poor at the moment anyway.

NZART Memorial Contest:

However propagation should be super fantastic on 80m on Saturday & Sunday evenings during the NZART Memorial Contest - rules plus log and summary sheet templates can be found at: www.nzart.org.nz/contests/rules.html

Logs with summary sheets should be sent to:

NZART Contest Manager,
8 Manu Crescent,
New Plymouth 4310,

to arrive no later than four weeks after the contest date. Logs as email attachments in either Word, Excel or plain Text format sent to zl2br@ihug.co.nz are also accepted and encouraged!

Sangster Shield Contest Results:

Results and Report for this years contest are now available at:


Courtesy of Glenn ZL2KZ.

73 & GL, Frank ZL2BR

For contests not mentioned here and for a list of contests that have ZL participation in, please see the NZART Web Contest page and the latest
"Contest Manager's Report" at:


General Information For Break-In and HQ Infoline

Break-In - From the Break-In Editor John ZL3IB


The WIA Weekly News Bulletin and The ARRL Letter can be found at:
WIA Weekly News Bulletin:

ARRL Letter:

These are updated weekly, normally p.m. Friday.


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