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In This Issue

*Digital Amateur Television (DATV) Equipment-Bulk Purchase Scheme
*From The Business Manager ZL2TDM
*The Struggle For NZART Membership Has Not Changed in 80 Years!
*Annual Conference Stirrers Award
*NZART Young Amateur of The Year Award with Rules below table
*There's a New Game in Town! - AMATEUR RADIO!
*The Rugby World Cup 2011
*Amateur Radio Operator Charged in NZ For Operating at 3100 watts
*RSM Call Book Database to be Put Onto The NZART Website
*Fmtag Notes For June 2010
*Intruder Alerts
*Meccano Robots
*Photos: The Hands-Off Future of Controlling Computers
*Small Cube Satellite Named Negai
*Web Update
*Upcoming Events
*Contest News
==VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes
==HF Contests
*General Information For Break-In and HQ Infoline
*Attachment(s) for Branches: NZART Headquarters Infoline 208.doc



Following on from the success of the first bulk purchase scheme, the Wellington VHF Group Incorporated is accepting orders for a second scheme, closing at the end of June.

For more details please email:



From The Business Manager ZL2TDM

Debby says....

Conference weekend has once again been and gone and a great time had by all who attended. No doubt there will be many stories or rumors floating round about the entertainment on Sunday night which featured yours truly and your President ZL2KH in a skit...hilarious to say the least.

The following points are some of the highlights and decisions made by Council and members of the AGM.

Councils Motions:

A decision for NZART to make a contribution to Peter Lake ZL2AZ of $1,000 to assist with expenses incurred while attending APG3 was carried unanimously by Council in appreciation of Peter's commitment to amateur radio nationally and internationally.

That 2011 subscription remains at $95 with a rebate increase of $15 if paid by 30 November 2010. All other subscription levies will remain the same. I (ZL2TDM ED) feel it is also timely that we encourage people to either pay early or on a monthly basis. It was noted that there has not been an increase in subscriptions since 2004 at the Blenheim Conference. Therefore I (ZL2TDM ED) must stress the Association has absorbed annual inflation costs over the past 6 years.

Council approved an application from ZL1TPH to join the FMTAG committee for a trial period of 6 months.

Based on a paper for by the Business Manager and having considered all possible options, council resolved that headquarters to remain in the same location in Upper Hutt, in the interim, until a suitable lower cost option becomes available. One of the options submitted by the Business Manager, that Council considered, was a home office environment. There are technical issues regarding access to computer based files, therefore Council further decided that Evan Sayer be appointed to lead a project team to resolve software issues regarding remote access to data.

Northern Region Councillor Phil King, ZL1PK is to review all the recently received submissions on the future of NZART and prepare a summary for Council's consideration. Phil will highlight and prioritise those areas needing urgent attention.

The following motion was also passed as a result of these submissions. That NZART implement a Membership drive at Branch level, with an incentive of 50% of the first years subscription going back to Branches who sign up new members. This also includes members that have not been NZART members within the last 5 years.

Acting on a letter from Nelson Branch, Council gratefully received the donation of a trophy by the Branch. This will be awarded in recognition of candidates who have achieved high examination results in all age groups not already covered in the Youth achievement award.

Council resolved on request from ZL1TPH and ZL4PLM to advise FMTAG, they see no objection to a weak signal band between 2396 - 2400 MHz

Vaughan ZL1TGC updated Council on the Kordia situation. Site access has been reinstated, however anyone having concerns regarding this is to contact Vaughan. The Co-location Agreement has been signed with a copy being held at NZART HQ.

A request was raised from the floor that the Headquarters Infoline be made available in pdf format. ZL2KH will liaiase with ZL2NN to see the feasibility of this.

Jim ZL2BHF also requested that all branch newsletters be sent electronically to the ZL6A e-mail address if possible. This ensures branch information is notified nationally on the official broadcast, keeping everyone informed of branch events.

Remit 1 Lost on vote count
Remit 2 Carried on voices
Remit 3 Carried on voices
Remit 4 Lost on vote count
Remit 5 Lost on voices
Remit 6 Carried on voices

After remit 4 was decided - all delegates were polled to ascertain which of their members were in favour of the introduction of an entry level licence. The majority were not in favour of such a system - so there will be no entry level licence introduced.

The Rothschild Cup was awarded to Nelson Branch again, for 14 successful examination candidates in 2009.

Mark Gooding ZL2UFI invited us all to attend the 2011 conference in Upper Hutt.

Ethan Brown ZL1AE and Jason Light ZL3LD both received the Youth achievement award for 2009.

Denise Hider ZL3HI received the Arthur (Jumbo) Godfrey memorial award for services to her branch.

Brian Farrell ZL1HN placed a motion to enable junior transmitting members to attend conference at a reduced rate - this was lost

Gareth Bradshaw ZL3VP placed a motion for NZART to review ARX charges in light of other branches offering this service for free - this was carried.

Other interesting points were raised which will be in the full version of AGM minutes in the August Break In.

Mondays meeting of Council saw the following resolutions:

That Council appoint a National Training Officer for amateur radio examinations. Appointment to be advised.

ZL1TGC and ZL2HD are tasked with producing a paper incorporating all NZART Expenditure with a view of cost cutting where possible.

That Fred ZL2AMJ be tasked to update the NZART examination database within 12 months.

Furthermore: That a second exam database be recognized and remains the property Wellington VHF Group and a transition period of 12 to 24 months at the end of which, the existing one on the NZART web page be replaced.

NZART Council adopt a policy to encourage members to license or switch off their amateur fixed stations (which is not covered by a GURL) if not attended.

Following a motion passed at the AGM regarding ARX fees NZART Council resolved:

1. All new amateurs receive their certificate of competency and call sign free, paying $5 to cover administration costs to the branch.

2. All new amateurs must pay $95 to join the Association before they can receive a call sign and certificate of competency free. If they pass as at 1 October their subscription will cease as at 31 December the following year.

NB: This cannot be used in conjunction with the NZART membership promotion of new members submitted by NZART Branches I.E being eligible to claim the 50% rebate.

3. All other ARX fees remain the same to cover costs incurred for this service, such as special event call signs, secondary call signs replacement certificates, one letter call signs and changes to call signs.

That all Youth Achievement award recipients, NZART pay the conference registration to attend conference in the year after they receive their award, providing they are still NZART members.

Finally...Due to membership demand, changes to headquarters hours will be as follows:

Tuesday - Friday 8:30am - 2:30pm Commencing Tuesday 22 June

'til next time....Debby ZL2TDM


The Struggle For NZART Membership Has Not Changed in 80 Years!



Vol. IV. No. 5


MAY, 1931

As this issue goes to print we feel that it would not be complete without some reference to the numerous letters of appreciation that members have sent to Headquarters. From the general tone of this Correspondence it is patent that out efforts are meeting with a most gratifying reception and have won the approval of most of the Amateurs in New Zealand.

As "Break-In" is the official organ of NZART, and in view of the fact that we consider the well-being of the one to be closely bound up with the interests of the other, we need scarcely emphasise the necessity for aiming at an NZART that is strong numerically and financially. A numerically strong NZART alone can support a really adequate magazine, and the magazine in turn will react upon the strength of the organisation. Every Association of any size depends upon an official organ to act as a leavening and a welding force, and NZART, scattered as it is throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand, has need of a strong "Break-In."

Every Amateur in New Zealand owes it to his hobby to join NZART. Only through strong combination can we Amateurs hope to hold together in the face of commercial interests that would fain encroach upon and usurp our Amateur channels. We cannot appeal too strongly to all Amateurs to support the only radio organisation in New Zealand that can offer them the strength that goes with unity and the freedom that accompanies strength. Every loyal member of our Association must make some sacrifice if NZART is to mean anything to him, and we suggest that he can do most by urging his fellow-Amateurs to sink their personal prejudices and combine with us in making NZART a truly national organisation.

S.H.P., C.R.H.T.

(S.H.P. = S H Perry ZL2BC and C.R.H.T.= C R H Taylor ZL2DG) Ed


Annual Conference Stirrers Award

There is always one person whose antics did not go unnoticed....

YearAwarded toAwarded For
2010 Frank Hunt ZL2BRFor admitting (on receiving the spoon), that the successful prosecution he had made was for an offence on 26 MHz, while he was an RI
2009 Topsy Scott ZL2LSClaimed the attention of members at AGM by:
1. Dropping a packet of Jaffa's during the AGM that rolled noisily everywhere, and
2. Falling over in the rush to be first to get the certificate for the Nelson Branch, for the equally won Rothschilds Cup award
2008Bruce Means ZL3BMAfter taking an active part in discussions he said he is shy
2007Vaughan Henderson ZL1TGC  Which matched his earlier Gawdy Award
2005Stuart Watchman ZL2TW1. Arriving late at the Council meeting
2. Goading Auckland Branches regarding recruitment
2004David Andrews ZL2SXSuggesting that if there wasn't a quorum for the AGM we could always all go on a wine trail
2003Debby Morgan ZL2TDMFor stirring up members with her straight talking speech
2002Roy Symon ZL2KH1. Use AM and use both side bands
2. Stop discussing withdrawn remits
2001Brian Kidd ZL1AHZFor his comments regarding the 30 m band
2000Roy Symon ZL2KHGet your existing rig stolen so you can get a new one
1999Peter Lake ZL2AZDiplomatically advising Council of the Remit types


I reproduced the award above to draw your attention to the award below - not awarded since 2005!
Jamie Pye ZL2NN

NZART Young Amateur of The Year Award with Rules below table

This award is sponsored by NZART and Com Centre. This NZART Award is to recognise The Young Amateur of the Year.

Year    Awarded to Reason Awarded
2006No nominations received
2005Alison Chandler ZL2KID Contribution to Manawatu Club at 11 years old
2003Heidi McKenzie ZL4HAM
2002Patrick Herd ZL2UPH
2001Pamela Blackett ZL1PAM   Special Youth Awards for 75th Anniversary Conference   
2001Mark Foster ZL1VMF Special Youth Awards for 75th Anniversary Conference


There's a New Game in Town! - AMATEUR RADIO!





Be a part of it...
All you need to run Amateur Radio Classes is waiting for you!

TO INSTRUCTORS: "Your material is ready!

NZART Council encourages more training classes to increase the pool of radio amateurs, to add to the membership of the Association and to strengthen the Amateur Service in New Zealand. The Wellington VHF Group Inc., Branch 74 NZART, with the Tauranga Emergency Communications Group, NZART Branch 88, has successfully trialled new learning material and procedures for the new entrant to Amateur Radio. It provides for candidates for the Amateur Radio Examination working alone or in a class with hand-out notes to make the task of the Instructor much easier. Any qualified radio amateur anywhere can now be an Instructor.

A new 600-question question-bank is presented in a unique way to facilitate easy question-and-answer revision tests using all the real examination questions.

This teaching resource is ready for wider use and you are welcome to use it. From first contact with a new candidate to the after-exam certificate and callsign processing, the procedure is entirely volunteer-based, "amateur-helping-amateur", so the cost to use it is $(nil)! Please help to increase interest in Amateur Radio in your community and establish a local class. This help for you is at hand!

The material is freely available by download from:

Read about it there. Download a set of the booklets and view the contents. Print them double-sided and bind or staple them with transparent plastic covers as shown. Enquiries to the email address on the web site are welcome. Notification of your use of this material is required for examination and processing reasons and prepared and sealed examination papers are provided when required with ARX services following for the successful candidates.

The cost of printing this teaching material is on you. You may cover printing costs and charge the students as you wish.

Book 1 includes an application form to join NZART. These can be printed from the selected page in whatever quantity is required, one-per-candidate. Early joining is a requested priority!

Remember: All you need to run Amateur Radio Classes is ready and waiting for you!

Get your Branch involved now!


The Rugby World Cup 2011

The Rugby World Cup 2011 is scheduled to take place in New Zealand 2011. It can be confidently expected that there will be an invasion of large numbers of fans, supporters and hangers-on in towns and cities where Cup events are being held. There will be radio amateurs from overseas in and amongst them.

Council is now putting out a call for a volunteer(s) from the membership to compile and to keep updated, a web page for the NZART web site to:

List the venues where World Cup events are being held with the date(s).

List the local amateur radio Branch/club meetings scheduled for (say) the week before and the week after, at these venues.

Encourage special meetings for the purpose of welcome and fraternity friendship.

Provide details of the correct name of the local Branch/club, with the name(s) of a nominated contact person(s), callsign, email address, phone number.

Advise who to contact to provide the details of any transport arrangements to give visitors a lift to/from meetings.

List the local VHF and UHF repeaters and organise active monitoring of the repeaters during the period.

Advise the arrangements for qualified visitors from overseas to operate in NZ.

Advise overseas radio journals and overseas amateur radio news outlets in a timely manner of the existence of the web page and its purpose and to advise visitors to BRING YOUR HAND-HELD rig.

And to organise and attend to any other appropriate matters.

Anyone interested in doing this should please contact:

Roy Symon ZL2KH
25 Annandale St
New Plymouth 4310
Phone: 06-758-2156
Email: zl2kh@xtra.co.nz


Amateur Radio Operator Charged in NZ For Operating at 3100 watts

....Radio Spectrum Management was alerted to a video Mr Potter posted on 'You Tube', a well known online video sharing site, which showed his transmitter operating at 3100 Watts. Operating at such high transmitting power is likely to cause interference to, and disruption of, a range of other licensed radio services in the local area....

For more details please see:



RSM Call Book Database is on The NZART Website

The NZART Administration Liaison Officer, Don Wallace ZL2TLL, has obtained a pre-Call Book copy of the RSM Call Book Database that is on the NZART Website, but sadly not to stay.

The purpose of this is to give people the ability to check their own and their friends listings and for the person with the entry in error to get in touch with RSM to correct any errors. This will then give us a more accurate Call Book.

Details can be updated either online at:


(you will need your log in details) or by phoning RSM on 0508 776 463.

For Silent Keys, there is a form available at


and this can be filled in and posted to Debby at HQ (PO Box 40-525 Upper Hutt 5140) with relevant supporting documentation by a person authorised to do so.

For further information, please see the help files online at:


or contact RSM as above

Tony Case ZL1UD

Northern District Council Member




ZL2CC has applied to change the frequency of the digipeater at Te Kapua, map reference NZ260 Y17 341904. The transmit and receive frequency will be 144.575 MHz. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to other stations.


Please send your comments and suggestions on the above matter, and on any other FMTAG matters, by e-mail to: fmtag@nzart.org.nz

Applications for repeaters, beacons, digipeaters, point-to-point links, and so on, should be made on the latest version of FMTAG Form 10. The latest versions of FMTAG Form 10, and the explanatory Form 10A, are available on the NZART web site:


Completed forms should be sent by e-mail to fmtag@nzart.org.nz




Date: 25/05/2010 07:17 a.m.

Subject: [INTRUDER ALERT] 29 MHz

Sent by: intruderalert-bounces@iaru-r1.org

29684.8 and 29699.8 kHz - serial modems from Italy, area of Brescia, probably Italian military, sporadic-E conditions at 1840 utc on May, 24th -The systems are transmitting daily and all day since several years. Complaints of the German PTT were disregarded.

73 from Wolf, DK2OM


Meccano Robots

The Website, listed below, has simple robots using Meccano parts and simple electronic components. A special PIC with its own compiler when used with a simple program allows a TV remote to manoeuvre it. A lot more info available on the website.


Two robots are shown below:



Photos: The Hands-Off Future of Controlling Computers

....The system works by using an off-the-shelf webcam to track the movements of the multicoloured glove and then uses software to map its movements onto a 3D computer-generated model, as seen here.

The glove is covered with 20 irregular-shaped patches, which allow the camera to recognise the front and back of the hand....

For more info please see:


Thanks to John ZL1GWE


Small Cube Satellite Named Negai

From Toyoshige Kamei JA3SGR

I want you to help that the small cube satellite launched on May 21. Satellite name is Negai that this satellite made from Soka University Student on Tokyo.

The orbit of this satellite is turning around the southern hemisphere now. May I have the some receive report when there is time?

URL; kuroki Laboratory Soka University


(sorry Japanes only)

Plese send the report to Soka University kuroki Laboratory.

Mail address to kuroki Laboratory.


A Google English version of their website can be seen via this URL:


73 Trevor M5AKA


Web Update

E-mailing Infoline
There two legacy mailing lists for Infoline. Starting with issue 208, these mailing lists are to be processed by the Mailman e-mail system, now used for all NZART e-mails.

1. [INFOLINE] - this is the bulk list that sends only the HTML formatted e-mail version. Currently at 679 subscribers, and

2. [BRANCHES] - this has the same HTML formatted e-mail, as 1 above, but has a MSWord copy of Infoline attached. Branches, Council and selected Infoline subscribers (that have asked for it) receive this copy. Currently at 65 subscribers.

You now have the choice of HTML, PDF or DOC formats for the 2010 Infolines on the web. Pick which one suits you.

Jamie Pye ZL2NN

Do You Have Anything to Contribute to a New NZART Website?
Some ideas for a new NZART Website have been loaded to:

This is a work in progress and will be updated going forward. When you hit the first "Page not found" that is it.

New artwork and ideas will be added to the presentation. New page themes added and a new way of collaborative thinking and working together put forward. Peter Bennett, ZL1UPB has offered to assist co-ordinate efforts to improve the web site. The pages in the web development project are a guide to generate interest, ideas and most importantly map out the future of New Zealand Amateur Radio's web presence. Are you a blogger, do you tweet, maybe a wiki author, do you read amateur radio news, are you making amateur radio news, the web team at NZART want to hear from you.

If you have ideas or suggestions, artwork or themes for this project please e-mail Peter at:

Upcoming Events

2010 Silver Rally 14-20 Nov 2010
http://www.silverfernrally.co.nz/, or

Contest News

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

The next contest is the BRASS MONKEY CONTEST, all bands 50 MHz and up, on Saturday the 7 and Sunday the 8 of AUGUST 2010. The operating times are: Saturday 1700 to 2300 NZT and Sunday 0700 to 1300 NZT.

The rules are available at: http://www.vhf.org.nz/VHF-UHF-SHF-ContestRules
Logs should be sent within two weeks, to:
zl2wa@clear.net.nz with Contest Log in the subject line,
or by post to:
Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington
Wellington VHF Group Website http://www.vhf.org.nz

HF Contests

VK/Trans-Tasman CW&Digital 160 m 26 JUN To Rules->

When :- 3 & 4 July 2010
Times :- 2000 NZST until 2300 NZST both evenings
Band :- 80m
Modes :- CW and Phone
The Memorial Contest was established soon after the end of World War 2 to commemorate those who lost their lives in the service of their country. It is a fitting way to honour those Hams and others who selflessly served their country so that we, today, may enjoy the freedoms that we do.
The Contest is split into a number of categories catering for all HF interests so please spare an hour, or two to honour those who paid the ultimate price that we now enjoy in our present lifestyles.
Contest Rules and Other Operating Information is available from the NZART
Website :- http://www.nzart.org.nz/contests/index.html
Contest Rules and other Operating Information is available from the NZART website - http://www.nzart.org.nz/contests/index.html

For contests not mentioned here, please see the latest
"Contest Manager's Report" at:


General Information For Break-In and HQ Infoline

Break-In - From the Break-In Editor John ZL3IB


The WIA Weekly News Bulletin and The ARRL Letter can be found at:
WIA Weekly News Bulletin:

ARRL Letter:

These are updated weekly, normally p.m. Friday.


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