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Welcome to Headquarters-Infoline a twice-monthly bulletin of news from NZART Headquarters e-mailed directly to Branches, the amateur radio packet Bulletin Board Service and to others that subscribe through the NZART Website at:


In This Issue

*Digital Amateur Television (DATV) Equipment-Bulk Purchase Scheme
*From The Business Manager ZL2TDM
*RSM Call Book Database to be Put Onto The NZART Website
*Competitors Vie to Provide Earthquake-Proof Radios
*Intruder Alerts
*NZART Membership From 1950 to 2010
*Remit 4 Procedure at the NZART Annual General Meeting
*NZART Council Working Action Points
*Upcoming Events
*Contest News
==VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes
==HF Contests
*General Information For Break-In and HQ Infoline
*Attachment(s) for Branches: NZART Headquarters Infoline 207.doc



Following on from the success of the first bulk purchase scheme, the Wellington VHF Group Incorporated is accepting orders for a second scheme, closing at the end of June.

For more details please email:



From The Business Manager ZL2TDM

Debby says....

Last call for branches to submit their voting results if they wish to have a proxy represent them at the AGM. Please send them to me before the end of this coming week.

Thank you to all those branches who have submitted their branch details to me. My apologies for not having clearly advised where these were to be sent, which obviously had some branches confused. I assumed that as the circular had been posted out from HQ that secretaries would automatically return them to me.

Hope to see as many of you as possible at conference in Auckland.

Talk soon....Debby ZL2TDM


RSM Call Book Database to be Put Onto The NZART Website

The NZART Administration Liaison Officer, Don Wallace ZL2TLL, is to obtain a pre-Call Book copy of the RSM Call Book Database that is to be placed on the NZART Website.

The purpose of this is to give people the ability to check their own and their friends listings and for the person with the entry in error to get in touch with RSM to correct any errors. This will then give us a more accurate Call Book.

Details can be updated either online at


(you will need your log in details) or by phoning RSM on 0508 776 463.

For Silent Keys, there is a form available at


and this can be filled in and posted to Debby at HQ (PO Box 40-525 Upper Hutt 5140) with relevant supporting documentation by a person authorised to do so.

For further information, please see the help files online at


or contact RSM as above

Tony Case ZL1UD

Northern District Council Member


Competitors Vie to Provide Earthquake-Proof Radios

Can you hear me now?

By Bill Ray of The A Register - Biting the hand that feeds IT

Posted in Wireless, 13th May 2010 12:53 GMT

The Wireless Innovation Forum has announced the winners of its competition to find a radio technology suitable for use following a 15 gigaton earthquake.

Skipping over the huge loss of life and general destruction wreaked by a magnitude 10 earthquake - more than 10 times the size of the Indian Ocean quake of 2004 - the Forum asked teams to develop a radio system that could provide connectivity to emergency services descending on the area from around the world....

For further information please goto:


A thank you to John ZL1GWE, for suggesting this item




Date:19-MAY-2010 06:17 a.m.

14348.170 kHz center, OFDM72 (72 tones, 2700 bandwidth), daily audible from 10 - 12 utc and longer, location: Canary islands, bearings from the German PTT

73 from Wolf DK2OM


Date:11-MAY-2010 06:17 a.m.

Buenos días, Uli

They are Spanish fishermen talking in galician. It is similar to portuguese but clearly it was galician and they were fishermen from the content of the conversation.

We will pass the claim to the Spanish PTT (DGTel). Unfortunatelly it is quite common lately.

Gracias , Uli.

73 Salvador EA5DY


Date: 04/05/2010 06:17 a.m.

7001.5 kHz - daily in the evening hours: MIL-188-110A hybrid modem (serial + parallel), 75 Bd - about 2500 Hz shift.

Location: Israel

The German PTT will be informed.

73 from Wolf, DK2OM


Date: 02/05/2010 10:57 p.m.

Subject: [INTRUDER ALERT] Myanma Radio 7185,7 and SLBC Sri Lanka 7190 kHz

Sent by: intruderalert-bounces@iaru-r1.org

Dear fellow Intruder Busters, last night I have heard myself for the 1st time:-

*** Myanma(r) Radio on 7185,750 kHz, time 2333 - 2351 UTC with R4-5 S8 with traditional music

*** SLBC Sri Lanka on 7190,0 kHz, time 0024 - 0112 UTC with R 4-5 S9 with Indian film music.

It was necessary to listen only with one sideband and to change this sideband sometimes, as the activity by Hams on qRGs lower and higher was too strong.

My antenna: Inverted-Vee dipole, Rx-Tx FT-1000

Keep on listening and reporting to IARU MonSys Region 1.

Vy 73 de:-

Uli, DJ9KR


NZART Membership From 1950 to 2010


This graph shows that the membership increased from 1950 until its peak in 1982. From 1982 the membership has decreased until now it is at the same number of members as there were in 1953.


Remit 4 Procedure at the NZART Annual General Meeting

The voting on Remit 4 does not give council a mandate re entry level licence. If passed it merely instructs Council to seek a mandate:

REMIT 4 Hastings Branch 13 Non - Transmitting

"That Council seek a mandate from the full membership before proceeding with the implementation of an entry level licence"

What I propose to do at the AGM is as follows:

1. Have the remit discussed and voted on.

2. After the remit is voted on I will then call for a poll from all branches as to whether they want an entry level licence or not.

This should settle the matter once and for all.

By polling all branches at the AGM - and counting how many votes they record which way - the matter of an entry level licence should be settled.

When discussing Remit 4 at branch meetings, could all branches please decide whether they want an entry level licence or not - and instruct their delegates accordingly.

The article about an entry level licence that appeared on page 14 of the March/April 2010 Break-In is intended as a discussion document and may not necessarily be the final version should an entry level licence be wanted.

Roy Symon ZL2KH
NZART (Inc) President
April 2010



NZART Transmitting Members are invited by NZART Council to provide guidance and assistance with a matter that is under consideration: The Future of NZART.

You are invited to enter, starting at the TOP LINE on a single A4 sheet "Submission on The Future of NZART" followed by your name, callsign, postal address, and date,


In the address line of your email: "Submission on The Future of NZART from" and in the TOP LINE in the body of your email text, again: "Submission on The Future of NZART from" followed by your name, callsign, postal address, and date.

Add your NZART Membership Number too - or a statement that you are a current TRANSMITTING Member.

Constructive comments are wanted. Consider the present NZART circumstances and financial position as your start point. You are referred to March/April 2010 "Break-In". Previous history is not required.

A single A4 sheet, or if submitting electronically as an email or attachment, not more than one page with this required heading information and your constructive comments will be appreciated.

Submissions that do not meet these rules or which are in excess of these rules will impede the processing in the short time available so will be rejected unconsidered.

Submissions close at midday on Thursday 27 May, at NZART Headquarters, nine days before the AGM.

Please post A4 sheet submissions to: "SUBMISSIONS", NZART Headquarters, P.O. Box 40-525, UPPER HUTT 5140, and in adequate time to reach the destination before the closing time.

Please send emails to nzart.hq@clear.net.nz before the same closing time.

The A4 sheets and email submissions received become NZART Council working documents and the property of NZART Council. No acknowledgements will be given.

Submissions will be considered by Council at its face-to-face meeting on the day before the NZART AGM. The identity of originators of documents will not be disclosed outside NZART Council.

The release of results, statistical information, extracts from the texts received, and any further use of information received, is at the discretion of, and will be decided solely by, the NZART President.



NZART Council Working Action Points

Updated 06-MAY-2010

Upcoming Events
NZART Annual Conference Auckland 5th - 7th June 2010

2010 Silver Rally 14-20 Nov 2010
http://www.silverfernrally.co.nz/, or

Contest News

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

The next contest is the HIBERNATION CONTEST, all bands 50 MHz and up, on Saturday the 12 and Sunday the 13 of JUNE 2010. This is the weekend after the ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN AUCKLAND. The operating times are: Saturday 1700 to 2300 NZT and Sunday 0700 to 1300 NZT.

The rules are available at: http://www.vhf.org.nz/VHF-UHF-SHF-ContestRules
Logs should be sent within two weeks, to:
zl2wa@clear.net.nz with Contest Log in the subject line,
or by post to:
Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington
Wellington VHF Group Website http://www.vhf.org.nz

HF Contests

CQ WW WPX CW 29/30-MAY To Rules »

VK/Trans-Tasman 160 m PH SAT 12 JUN To Rules->

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Hibernation Contest 12/13-Jun  To Rules »

VK/Trans-Tasman CW&Digital 160 m 26 JUN To Rules->

When :- 3 & 4 July 2010
Times :- 2000 NZST until 2300 NZST both evenings
Band :- 80m
Modes :- CW and Phone
The Memorial Contest was established soon after the end of World War 2 to commemorate those who lost their lives in the service of their country. It is a fitting way to honour those Hams and others who selflessly served their country so that we, today, may enjoy the freedoms that we do.
The Contest is split into a number of categories catering for all HF interests so please spare an hour, or two to honour those who paid the ultimate price that we now enjoy in our present lifestyles.
Contest Rules and Other Operating Information is available from the NZART
Website :- http://www.nzart.org.nz/contests/index.html
Contest Rules and other Operating Information is available from the NZART website - http://www.nzart.org.nz/contests/index.html

For contests not mentioned here, please see the latest
"Contest Manager's Report" at:


General Information For Break-In and HQ Infoline

Break-In - From the Break-In Editor John ZL3IB

The WIA Weekly News Bulletin and The ARRL Letter can be found at:
WIA Weekly News Bulletin:

ARRL Letter:

These are updated weekly, normally p.m. Friday.

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