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*From The Business Manger ZL2TDM
*2010 Jock White Memorial Field Day Contest
*FMTAG Notes For February 2010
*Digital Aurora Radio Technologies
*Interesting Web Site For Shortwave Listeners and Intruderwatchers
*2010 Silver Rally 14-20 Nov 2010
*Contest News
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==HF Contests
*Upcoming Events
*Break-In and Infoline Information
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*From The Business Manger ZL2TDM*
*Debby says...*
Council are meeting in Upper Hutt over this weekend. With the considerable
number of agenda items that they are faced with, the meeting is likely to
last well into Saturday night with a fairly early start.

I need to remind ALL members that a Councilor is your first point of
reference, if you or your branch requires assistance or guidance. If you
feel you are unable to contact or approach your closest Councilor, then it
is imperative you contact the President.

Remember your Executive has been elected by members to work for their
specific regions and must avail themselves wherever possible. While I
appreciate that you may wish to contact headquarters, in most instances your
Councilor can and should be able to help.

Annual reports will be published in the next issue of Break In. I would urge
you to pay special attention the drop in membership figures. You can all
help improve this by encouraging others to join or pay their membership as
the Association needs their support now more than ever. Remember as a
collective we have bargaining power, as an individual we almost fail to be

That's all from me...hopefully you will have an update from Council after
this weekend.
*2010 Jock White Memorial Field Day Contest*

Please note there has been a rule change which can be found at:
*FMTAG Notes For February 2010*

At its 20th of February 2010 meeting, NZART Council approved the following
FMTAG Notes:


Previously published on the NZART web site and in HQ Infoline for the
information of, and seeking comments from, NZART members. No comments have
been received.

Branch 81 Waikato VHF has applied to relocate its Raglan 5675 Repeater, by
about 3.4 km, to Te Uku, at map reference NZ260 R15 835684, owing to the
construction of a wind farm near the present site. An engineering evaluation
confirms that there will be no interference to other stations and that the
repeater transmit frequency can remain on 145.675 MHz with the repeater
receive frequency remaining on 145.075 MHz.


Please send your comments by e-mail to:

Applications for repeaters, beacons, digipeaters, point-to-point links, and
so on, should be made on the latest version of FMTAG Form 10. The latest
versions of FMTAG Form 10, and the explanatory Form 10A, are available on
the NZART web site:

Completed forms should be sent by e-mail to
*Digital Aurora Radio Technologies*

The mission of Digital Aurora Radio Technologies (DART) is to expand
communications across the north by using existing, and exploring new
communications technologies.

DART is in the process of testing the potential to broadcast digital radio
across Alaska. Uniquely Alaskan, the project presents challenges and
opportunities that one might expect in the "Last Frontier."

We are currently testing DRM on 4.85 MHz, 7.505 MHz and 9.295 MHz. In
addition, we are broadcasting CW on 4.851 MHz, 7.511 MHz and 9.301 MHz. If
you pick up our signal, let us know - we would like to hear from you.
*Interesting Web Site For Shortwave Listeners and Intruderwatchers*

The site promotes DX-BUDDY. From the description of DX-BUDDY, all we need to
use on HF is DX-BUDDY controlling our rig, and we can do most anything!

A simplified list of DX-BUDDY's features:
*Can act as a universal remote control for your station
*Runs under Windows, OS X and Linux
*Controls your RIG via a CAT-control-port
*Controls your Rotator
*Helps you when listening to broadcast stations with up-to-date
*Shows you what you can hear and what broadcast-stations are on the air
*DX-Cluster working
*Logbook included for ham-amateurs and shortwave listeners
*Intelligent memories
*Descriptive propagation displays
*Beacon clock
*Voice memory for contests
*Helps you to find out what utility station you are listening to
*World map with day and night view

For more information on DX-BUDDY:
*2010 Silver Rally 14-20 Nov 2010*

Marlborough Amateur Radio Club, Br 22 has again been asked to co-ordinate
the Comms for the 2010 Silver Fern Rally. Although the rally will finish in
Queenstown the intention is to have the Radio Base in Blenheim again as in
previous rallies.

To assist in progressing plans for the event, early notification is out to
give anybody the opportunity to consider participation in any of the
following roles;
1. Area or Regional co-ordinators, (not necessarily the person who does
everything), obviously somebody prepared to attract volunteers, consider the
availability of repeaters and suitable locations for portable repeaters
(includes IRLP kits) and pass on any relevant information,
2. Mobile Operators, either for all of the rally or part of it, with
preferably VHF and HF capability and suitable vehicle,
3. Base Operators. Following on from 2008 a minimum of 14 operators (2
shifts) per day is required. If you are outside of Blenheim and would like
to spend a week in a sunny location, appropriate expenses are being

If you can assist or participate as local knowledge can only make this event
work please contact Chris Grant at or Br 22 at

*The basic route is as follows;**
* 1. Day One, Sunday, 6 stages out on the Peninsular 1st stage starts about
11.00am and the last one about 3.30pm. From this point on all days start
from the Parc Ferme no earlier than 8.00am and the last stage ends about
2. Day Two, Monday, 6 stages from Chch to Timaru via Okuku Pass, Lees
Valley, Lake Lyndon, Glentunnel and the Geraldine forest (Kakahu)
3. Day Three, Tuesday, 6 stages from Timaru to Dunedin via Fairlie, Black
Forest, Duntroon, Herbert Forest, Macraes and Palmerston
4. Day Four, Wednesday, 6 stages has just been changed but basically north
of Dunedin then to Middlemarch then the Old Dunstan Rd, a shorter version of
Lake Onslow , Lawrence and back to Dunedin
5. Day Five, Thursday, 6 stages from Dunedin to Invercargill generally
through areas we have used before around Dunedin, Balclutha and Eastern
6. Day Six, Friday, 6 stages from Invercargill to Alexandra again through
much of the area previously used
7. And Day Seven, Saturday, 6 stages from Alexandra to Queenstown via all
the stages that surround the general Omakau area
The awards function will be at the Skyline Function Centre

annual Wellington Region EXPO-10 is to be held on Saturday 27th March 2010,
again at the Knox Church Hall, 574 High Street Lower Hutt. Doors open to the
public at 10am.

Admission is $4. This includes a free drink and entry into the various
raffle draws. Listen out for the raffle draws throughout the day by *MC

Major prize is a dual band handheld - sponsored by *Foxtrot Communications*

This will be the sixth Wellington Region trading of radio equipment. There
will be the usual trade displays, trade sales of new amateur equipment and
trading tables of used equipment

*SIGNALS NZ (Yaesu/Vertex)* and *ICOM NZ* have confirmed their attendance.

There will be a demonstration of Amateur Digital Television.

*Refreshments* - coffee, sodas, buns and cakes will be available in the
*Contest News*

*VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes*
The next contest is the Low Band Contest, 50 MHz to 440 MHz, on Saturday the
10th and Sunday the 11th of April 2010. This is the weekend after Easter.
The operating times are: Saturday 1700 to 2300 NZT and Sunday 0700 to 1300

*The rules are available at:*
Logs should be sent within two weeks, to: with Contest Log in the subject line,
or by post to:
Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington
Wellington VHF Group Website
*HF Contests*

When:- Saturday, 27th February 2010 and Sunday 28th February 2010
Times :- Saturday 1500 NZDT until 2400 NZDT and
Sunday 0600 NZDT until 1500 NZDT
Updated Contest Rules and Other Operating Information will be available from
the NZART Website prior to the commencement of the contest.
NZART Website

When: - 10 and 11 April 2010
Times:- 0800Z until 1000Z both evenings
Modes :- CW and SSB

The Annual memorial contest activity to commemorate the memory of the Late
Thelma Souper a former stalwart of the NZ Womens' Amateur Radio Organization
and considered to be "The Grand Old Dame" of WARO.

Contest Rules and Other Operating information is now available from the WARO
Website :-

80M - 17 April 2010
40M - 24 April 2010
Times - 1000 UTC until 1100 UTC both evenings

Contest Rules and Other Operating Information available from the Group's

For the contests below please see the NZART Web at:
Click on GOTO Contest Manager's Reports
for the latest contest report.



*Upcoming Events*

*Te Puke Annual Sale 6th March 2010*

*Wellington Radio EXPO-10*
27 March 2010, Knox Church Hall, Lower Hutt
Registration form and details available at:

*NZART Annual Conference Auckland 5th - 7th June 2010*

*2010 Silver Rally 14-20 Nov 2010*, or
*Break-In, Infoline and General Information*

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