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Welcome to Headquarters-Infoline Special covering the health -GOOD NEWS-of ZL2WP and ZL1BBS, change of Annual Conference venue and a note about the happenings of NZART Web and e-mail.

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In This Issue

-NZART President Bruce ZL2WP

-NZART Solicitor Gerry Kilpatrick ZL1BBS

-Annual NZART Conference Change of Venue and Update of Weekend Programme

-Brief Report on NZART Web and E-Mail

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NZART President Bruce ZL2WP

Bruce is making good progress.


NZART Solicitor Gerry Kilpatrick ZL1BBS

Gerry could be out of hospital next Monday, 25-May-2009.


Annual NZART Conference Change of Venue and Update of Weekend Programme

The venue of the NZART Wine Country Conference has changed.

The organizing committee have unanimously agreed to move the venue for the 2009 Conference from the Hastings Racecourse to the Hawkes Bay Opera House in Hastings.

It is most unusual to have taken this step but the reasons for doing so were compelling.

How does this affect those who have registered for the conference?

* The programme and forums will remain exactly the same

* The Friday night venue at the Angus Inn remains the same

* Better parking facilities close by

* Better facilities for the various forums

* A superb theatre for the NZART AGM

* Better areas for trade displays

* Excellence in catering

* All facilities are under one roof

* The "Car Boot" sale is still very close by

* No change in your registration cost

The Hawkes Bay Opera House complex is one of the finest opera houses in New Zealand and has recently had over 10 million dollars spent on upgrading. We know that you will be delighted with our choice of venue.

You can see this famous icon building online at Further information and an updated programme will be on our website, Infoline and the various reflectors in a few days.

We are looking forward to having you join us for what is shaping up to be a great weekend of amateur radio.

73. Lee ZL2AL

The Wine Country Conference Organizing Committee


Update of Weekend Programme


1800 Registrations and Check-Ins Angus Inn Entrance

1900 On Social buffet dinner and drinks (Your cost) Angus Inn


0730 -0930 Car Boot Junk Sale (Buy & Sell Free) To Be Announced

0800 Registrations & Check-ins Opera House Foyer

0900 Conference Opening -Mayor Lawrence Yule Opera Theatre

0915 Keynote Speaker -Dr Gary Bold ZL1AN Opera Theatre

1000 NZART AGM Commences Opera Theatre

1030 Morning Tea Opera House Foyer

1100 NZART AGM Continues Opera Theatre

1230 Lunch Opera House Foyer

1330 NZART AGM Continues Opera Theatre

1500 Afternoon Tea Opera House Foyer

1530 Foundation Licence Presentation Foyer 2nd Level

1530 Presentation by Sirtrack Animal Tracking Opera Theatre

1630 SMART Presentation by MED Opera Theatre

1800 Drinks and Chat before Dinner Opera House Stage

1900 Dinner and Presentations Opera House Stage


0830 -0930 WARO Forum Upstairs Room 2

0900 -1000 OTC Forum Upstairs Room 1

0900 -1000 ICOM D-Star Presentation Upstairs Room 3

1000 -1030 Morning Tea Opera House Foyer

1030 -1130 DX Forum Upstairs Room 3

1130 -1230 CONTESTING Forum Upstairs Room 3

1030 -1100 AMSAT AGM Upstairs Room 2

1100 -1230 KiwiSAT Presentation Upstairs Room 2

1030 -1230 AREC Forum Upstairs Room 1

1230 -1330 Lunch Opera House Foyer

1330 -1430 SPAM Forum Upstairs Room 1

1330 -1430 VHF Forum Upstairs Room 1

1500 -1530 Afternoon Tea Opera House Foyer

1530 -1630 HF TV Presentation Upstairs Room 2

1530 -1630 ANTENNAS Forum Upstairs Room 1

1530 -1630 APRS Forum Upstairs Room 3

1730 Social & drinks Angus Inn

1830 Seated for Quizmaster Jim ZL2BHF Angus Inn

1900 "Dinner, Social and Branch Shenanigans" Angus Inn

Car Boot Junk Sale -Saturday morning 0730 - 0930

Location - The parking area near Opera House -Signs for direction

Park and display your high quality junk. Prepare to become instantly rich or instantly poor if you find what you desperately need!

Branch or Group Presentations -Angus Inn

Sunday evening after dinner is the traditional time for fun. Get a group together and put on an act that will wow the audience and win a prize!

CW Challenge -16.45 Sat &Sun -Opera House Upstairs Room 1

Come along and join the fun! Two challenges daily

1) Accuracy and

2) Speed with a prize for each winner. Open to all. Winners on the first day may not enter the second day.

DXCC QSL Card Checking

Bring along your Cards and have them checked over the weekend. Contact Lee ZL2AL


Brief Report on NZART Web and E-Mail

The NZART Web and e-mail ISP in the USA has had problems with diggers digging up fibre cables to problems when changing the method of connecting to the Internet.

What has been the effect here is loss of service and a step back in time of the Web pages, when the ISP used an out-of-date backup.

Attempts at correcting the out-of-date Web pages have been frustrated because of the loss of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The loss of FTP was over a greater time span than that of the Web page access, giving users an incorrect impression that nothing was being done to correct the problem, or to advise user of the problems that had occurred.

With the last bout of problems occurring over the weekend 16/17 May, FTP wasn't available until midday Tuesday 19-May-2009. The delay in updating the Web has been to ensure it was reliable once again.

No advise was received that an out-of-date backup had been used until it was seen on the Website. Also, in the change over of the e-mail to another server, there was a loss of almost 400 addresses from the Infoline bulk mailing list, rendering it useless to post Infoline 184. The Webmaster's backup list was used manually to send out Infoline 184 and this special bulletin 22s.

So let us all hope that the problems we have been having are over and we can get on with other matters.

Jamie Pye ZL2NN


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Regards, Jamie Pye ZL2NN, Editor