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-Elections 2009

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From Evan T Sayer, Returning Officer, NZART Elections 2009

To: All Members

Regrettably, there have been a number of printing irregularities in the election papers that have been distributed with the January/February 2009 issue of BreakIn. This includes the omission of a Candidates Name and call sign from the Central Electoral District Ballot Paper. I accept responsibility for these irregularities and I apologise to members for the need to now take the steps that I outline below.

Our executive elections must be and be seen to be fair and properly conducted, with no candidate either being prejudiced, or obtaining or appearing to obtain an undue advantage. Regrettably, I have formed the view that if the election at present in progress proceeds it will not be fair to all candidates, and certainly in the case of the Central Electoral District, would automatically be void.

In reliance on my appointment as Returning Officer and the powers I have under the NZART constitution, I have come to the conclusion that the election in process must not proceed, and in the interest of fairness I declare it a nullity.

Replacement Ballot papers will be posted to all members to enable them to cast their votes.

Members who have already voted must vote again on the new Ballot Paper if they wish their vote to be counted. Ballot papers received at Headquarters in terms of the now annulled election will not be counted and will be destroyed without being opened.

I have asked the NZART Executive Council to approve this process under paragraph 8.3.b of the constitution to the extent that may be necessary.

Evan T Sayer

Returning Officer

Phone: (04) 970 6075 Email:

P.O. Box 40525, Upper Hutt 5140, NEW ZEALAND

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Regards, Jamie Pye ZL2NN, Editor

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