NZART Headquarters Infoline Issue 198
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The last Infoline for 2009. Some changes are to occur to the FMTAG procedure as noted 
below, a repeat of the ZL3 - Radio Buildathon information and the National System Award 
is what you have this time.

Remember also that the Jock White Field Day for 2010 is on in the last days of 
FEBRUARY-2010 with a new section that is to be tried, Dual Band Single  Station 

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In This Issue
*Revised Frequency Management and Technical Advisory Group (FMTAG) Procedure
*NZART Branch 12 Presents The National System Award 2010
*ZL3 Radio Buildathon
*Contest News
==VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes
==HF Contests
*Upcoming Events
*Break-In and Infoline Information
*Dates for Official Broadcast (OB) and Head Quarter's Infoline
*Attachments for Branches: NZART Headquarters Infoline 198.doc
Revised Frequency Management and Technical Advisory Group (FMTAG) Procedure
Currently, applications for repeater and beacon stations are required to be 
reported in Break-In before the application can proceed. Because Break-In is 
published every two months, this brings an excessive time delay into the procedure.

The revised procedure, shown below, removes the required Break-In publish requirement 
and the inbuilt delay. It has added that all NZART methods of communicating to members 
and others, are used to show current applications in progress. (NZART Web, HQ Infoline, 
Official Broadcast and , of course, Break-In)
NZART Branch 12 Presents The National System Award 2010
National System Award 2010 -Historic Places, is presented by The Hamilton Amateur 
Radio Club, Branch 12 NZART in association with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust. 
Based upon the original idea of the Wellington VHF Group. This is a FUN award available 
to all amateurs to demonstrate the coverage and use of the National System, to promote 
our history and category 1 Historic places.

Detailed documentation is available from:-

The award will run from 1 January 2010 to 7 February 2010. 
ZL3 Radio Buildathon
The 3rd ZL3 Radio Buildathon will be held on Saturday January 30th in Christchurch and 
all radio amateurs from ZL3 District are invited to come along and build a ZL3 Pixie 
Twins kit. Youngsters and budding hams 8 - 80 are most welcome. There's a kit for them 

After building your fun 80m QRP CW transceiver you can enter two competitions. 

One is for the best DX CW contact within NZ using a ZL3 Pixie Twin. 

The other is for the funniest housed unit. Let your imagination run wild! 

A superb 40M QRP CW kit transceiver from www.smallwonderlabs.com USA will be awarded 
to each of the winners. 

Please register your interest now as places must be limited. 

Bring along your friends, members of clubs you belong to, and workmates. Here's a great 
way for them to find out about the fun you're having in amateur radio. 

Email David at ZL3DWS@nzart.org.nz or call 03 358 2424 

Visit http://sites.google.com/site/zl3buildathon/

Google: ZL3 Buildathon 

Contest News

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes
DX Weekend 6/7-FEBRUARY-2010
Operating times are:
6 FEBRUARY 2010 - 1700 to 2300 NZT
7 FEBRUARY 2010 - 0700 to 1300 NZT

The rules are available at:
Logs should be sent within two weeks, to:
zl2wa@clear.net.nz with Contest Log in the subject line,
or by post to:
Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington
Wellington VHF Group Website http://www.vhf.org.nz
HF Contests

When:-      Saturday, 27th February 2010 and Sunday 28th February 2010
Times :-    Saturday 1500 NZDT until 2400 NZDT and
            Sunday 0600 NZDT until 1500 NZDT
Updated Contest Rules and Other Operating Information will be available from the 
NZART Website prior to the commencement of the contest.
NZART Website http://www.nzart.org.nz/contests/rules.html

When : -    Saturday, 20 February 2010 and Sunday, 21 February 2010
Times :-    0000 UTC (20th) until 2400 UTC (21st).
Bands :-    All Bands
Mode:-      CW Only
Contest Rules and Other Operating Information are available from the ARRL Website,
A good contest as is the later SSB Contest (March 6&7) to garner those missing US 
States for the elusive Worked All States award.

When :-     Saturday, 6 March 2010 and Sunday, 7 March 2010
Times:-     0000 UTC (6th ) until 2400 UTC (7th )
Bands :-    All Bands
Mode :-     Phone Only
For Contest Rules and other Operating Information please refer to the Contest
Website - http://www.arrl.org/contests

When :-     13 & 14 March 2010
Times :-    1000 UTC (Sat.) until 1000 UTC (Sun.)
Bands :-    All Bands
Mode :-     CW Only
Considered to be one of the more gentlemany contests that has been in existence 
since the mid-1930's. Apart from the individual performances there is a Team's event, 
based on individual nation's participation. The NZART Team under the astute leadership 
of Frank Hunt, ZL2BR won this event in 2007 and finished third last year. Frank is 
looking for Team participants to make up the NZ Team. Interested - contact Frank by 
"snail mail" at :- 8 Manu Crescent, New Plymouth. 4310., or email :-
Contest Rules and other operating information is now available from the Contest
website :- http://www.beru.org.uk/
Upcoming Events

Wellington Radio EXPO '10
27 March 2010, Knox Church Hall, Lower Hutt

NZART Annual Conference Auckland 5th - 7th June 2010
Break-In, Infoline and General Information

Break-In - From the Break-In Editor John ZL3IB
1. Closing Date Reminder: Copy for the JANUARY/FEBRUARY issue of Break-In closes on 

2. Document File Format: Please do not send copy for publication as Word 2007.docx 
files; they cannot be processed. Please send in Word 2003 (or earlier).doc or *.rtf 
file format.

3. Early receipt of copy is much appreciated.

4. Break-In Contents Index from 1957 can be found at:

Copy for the AREC Break-In Column - From Geoff ZL3QR
The close-of-copy date is the 03-JANUARY-2009 for articles for publication in the 
AREC COLUMN OF BREAK-IN. Photos, if available, to be on a separate floppy or CD 
(with captions), posted DIRECTLY TO US Call Book address. All other material can go 
to e-mail: zl3qr@nzart.org.nz or zl3ov@nzart.org.nz.
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