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In This Issue

*From The Business Manager Debby Morgan ZL2TDM

*NZARTMonitoring System Report

*The Rhododendron Festival Award/Dan Wilkinson Contest 2009

*Change to NZART E-mail and Web Progress Report

*Contest News

==VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

==HF Contests

*Upcoming Events

*Break-In and Infoline Information

*Dates for Official Broadcast (OB) and Head Quarter's Infoline

*Attachments for Branches:

NZART Headquarters Infoline 193.doc, and

Rhodo Rules 2009.pdf


From The Business Manager Debby Morgan ZL2TDM

Debby says...with the IARU Region 3 triennial conference in Christchurch almost upon us, it's time to let you know that this office will be closed from Friday 9th October until Tuesday 20th October as I will attending the conference.

Any urgent enquiries can be made to my cell phone 027 450 8979 while I am away.

The office will also be closed tomorrow Monday 5th October due to unforeseen circumstances.

Subscriptions for 2010 are now due, please pay before the end of November to take advantage of the $10 rebate.

If you know of anyone interested in sitting the amateur radio exam, please in the first instance get them to take a look at our web page on the examination process and sample papers.

It offers comprehensive information on what is required, how to study and the costs involved to obtain a call sign and certificate of competency. More importantly it includes contact details for examination supervisors in their area and branch information should they wish to talk to an amateur first hand.

I receive a number of calls from people who have contacted a branch only to be told to call me. Remember this is the first point of contact for these 'would be' amateurs and it's the most important. If they do not get the information they seek, or are told to try various people this can be off putting, first impressions are lasting so it's up to us all to encourage those who seek advice on "How to become an Amateur" and make it memorable for them.

Talk soon...Debby ZL2TDM


NZART Monitoring System Report

Here are several links:

One is the IARUMS R3 database, possibly the first of its kind covering 2006 through to July 2009 - very useful for cross referencing purposing, when deciding whether a signal is an intruder or not.

Plus a database of cluster spots of intruders from July 2006 through to August 2009

Another good reference is the ITU terrestrial monitoring files for cross reference purposes. and


A report from the UK:

The Russian radar ABM2 is daily abusing 14255 kHz with 10 kHz spread and 50 pulses/sec.

Every morning at about 08 - 10 UTC. Location: North West of Smolensk.

Any reports appreciated.




Monitoring System Coordinator NZART


The Rhododendron Festival Award/Dan Wilkinson Contest 2009

Click HERE to see the rules

The New Plymouth Website also has the details. Please see:


Change to NZART E-mail and Web Progress Report

The NZ server is up and running with the NZART Web installed.

The next step is to load the e-mail names which should be done in a week or so. When this is completed a tested successfully a date will be set for the change over.

Jamie Pye


Contest News

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

Field Day Contest, 50 MHz and up 5 December 2009 - 1700 to 2300 NZT

6 December 2009 - 0700 to 1300 NZT

The rules are available at:

Logs should be sent within two weeks, to: with Contest Log in the subject line,

or by post to:

Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington


HF Contests



CW Contest - 10 October 2009 and 11 October 2009 - 0800 - 0800 UTC

For details please see:


SSB Section - 0000 UTC, 24th October through to 2359 UTC 25th October

CWSection - 0000 UTC, 28th November through to 2359 UTC, 29th November

Contest Rules and Other Operating Information:


When - 1 November 2008 (SUNDAY)

Time- 2000 NZDT until 2300 NZDT

Band -80m (3.5MHz)Mode - CW Only


Upcoming Events

Saturday 10 October 2009:

Branch 03 Table Sale at Rosebank Rd primary School hall

Further details on the above can be seen at:


12-16 October 2009

NZART Annual Conference Auckland 5th - 7th June 2010

There are links for the above two CONFERENCES on the NZART Web HOME page


The WIA Weekly News Bulletin and The Weekly ARRL Letter can be found at:


Break-In and Infoline Information

Break-In - From the Break-In Editor John ZL3IB

1. Closing Date Reminder: Copy for the NOVEMBER/DECEMBER issue of Break-In closes on 10-NOVEMBER-2009.

2. Document File Format: Please do not send copy for publication as Word 2007.docx files; they cannot be processed. Please send in Word 2003 (or earlier).doc or *.rtf file format.

3. Early receipt of copy is much appreciated.

4. Break-In Contents Index from 1947 can be found at:

Copy for the AREC Break-In Column - From Geoff ZL3QR

The close-of-copy date is the 03-NOVEMBER-2009 for articles for publication in the AREC COLUMN OF BREAK-IN. Photos, if available, to be on a separate floppy or CD (with captions), posted DIRECTLY TO US Call Book address. All other material can go to e-mail: or


Subscribe to and Un-Subscribe From Infoline

Please send an e-mail to the address at the end of this bulletin or see instructions on the NZART web page at:


Dates for Official Broadcast (OB) and Head Quarter's Infoline

OBs FOR 2009=OCT-25 NOV-29 DEC-20

* Next NZART Official Broadcast SUNDAY 25-OCTOBER-2009, * and

* Next HQ-Infoline e-mailed on SUNDAY 18-OCTOBER-2009 *

INFOLINE 2009 SUNDAY=OCT-18 NOV-08-22 DEC-06-20

Infoline on the web

Regards, Jamie Pye ZL2NN, Editor



1. The Award will run from 30th October 2009 to 8th November 2009 inclusive. It is available to all Amateurs and Short-wave Listeners.

2. Contacts may be made on any band, any mode. Each station may be worked ONCE ONLY for each separate application for the Award.

3. NEW ZEALAND STATIONS require 25 points from those listed below:

a) Compulsory contact with Special Event Station ZM6RFA 5 Points

b) Contact with Taranaki Branch Stations

New Plymouth Branch 27 ZM2AB 3 Points

Hawera Branch 14 ZL2HWA 3 Points

Rahotu Branch 32 ZL2ANN 3 Points

Waitara Branch 47 ZL2TO 3 Points

Patea Branch 54 ZL2QF 3 Points

Inglewood Branch 19 ZL2PT 3 Points

c) Each additional Taranaki Station (A station whose usual Base Station is in Taranaki) 1 Point

4 OVERSEAS STATION requires only 6 points, calculated as above, and DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE A COMPULSORY CONTACT.

5 Copy of log, with a note of your Award choice and fee, to arrive before 10th December 2009

The Award Custodian

Branch 27 NZART

C/o 45 Robe Street

New Plymouth

New Zealand

6 Fee including return postage:
For ZL award applications, 2009 CERTIFICATE $6.00 each.

For all Overseas award applications, US$5.00 or fair equivalent.


There are six different Rhododendrons in the series; each is a limited print with the kind permission of local artist Janet Marshall. The alternative certificate this year is a new variety of Rhododendron - never used on a certificate before.

This year we will again have an alternative certificate available for those who already have the complete series of six. Please indicate which certificate you will require - either the standard or the alternative.

ZM6RFA and Branch Stations will be operating on a roster basis during the Award period, on or about these frequencies, phone, and most nights from 2000 hrs NZ local time.

Rhodo Net - 3.660 MHZ +/

The ZL Awards Net - 3.677 MHz

Popular VHF and UHF frequencies

Any Amateur frequency may be used.

Dan Wilkinson Memorial Contest

1. Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place both Taranaki Stations and those outside the region.

2. The Dan Wilkinson Memorial Stone Trophy will be engraved with the Taranaki Station who has the most points. However because of size and weight of this Trophy it will remain in the club rooms of Branch 27.

3. The Wooden Trophy to be awarded to a Station other than a Taranaki Station that has achieved the most number of contacts with Taranaki Stations that qualify to give out points in the Rhododendron Festival Award. The Trophy is to be held by that Station for 12 months.


1.To lift the activity on the bands in the name of the late Dan Wilkinson original holder of the call ZL2AB.

2.To allow participants in the Rhododendron Festival Award to continue making contacts with Taranaki Stations after they have achieved sufficient points for the award.