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-From The NZART Business Manager Debby ZL2TDM

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==HF Contests

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From The NZART Business Manager Debby ZL2TDM

Debby says...

Well conference is over for another year -it is such a busy time, I almost forgot to write to you all and let you know some of the highlights. I guess one thing you are all interested in are subscriptions for 2010. Council resolved that subs will be the same in 2010 as per 2009. i.e. $95 with a $10 rebate applicable if paid before 30 November 2009.

For many of you this year will hit harder than others as fuel, power, food and many other necessities of life, rise. I am pleased to advise that we can offer a monthly payment option of $8 per month, This does mean you will not be entitled to the $10 rebate but as there are more processing costs involved, we need to cover them. If you would like to know more -please contact me and I will advise bank account details and what you need to include to make sure I know it's your payment.

Congratulations to David Andrews ZL2SX who was granted Honorary Life Membership of the Association for his extensive work and time on the FMTAG committee.

I would like to thank the many people who generously assist me in my role here at HQ. Like all offices there are items that need to be replaced, my special thanks to Jim ZL2BHF who dropped by the other day -he quietly went away, on his return he bought one of these such things -donating it to the Association.

He will no doubt be upset that I have singled him out, but I wanted to thank him and you all publicly for keeping my life here more comfortable.

I am still busy getting all the minutes typed up, so don't have that much to say, other than keep warm and smile, Spring will soon be upon us!

Talk soon...Debby ZL2TDM


Web Notes

1. Amateur and Young Amateur of The Year

After updating the Conference awards list for the NZART Web, I noticed that Amateur of The Year and Young Amateur of The Year, have not had entries in the last two years.

There must have been eligible candidates for both awards during this time.

Please Branch Presidents and Secretaries, look carefully at the activities of your branch members to pick out the exceptional ones, so nominations can be given to keep these two awards alive.

2. NZART Web SMART Access Program

Progress has been made in the rewrite of the SMART access program and if all goes well this Web utility may be available again.

Jamie Pye ZL2NN


Weird N Wonderful

From the weird 'n wonderful file.

In day's of old, when A1 mode was supreme, a CW signal with chirp meant it changed frequency on key down.

But a chirpy radio station of a different kind has just gone off the air in Britain after 18 months of playing a 20minute audio loop of twittering, not to be confused with the new internet text system, and chirps from birds.

This 'birdsong' radio station transmitted from 6am to midnight and attracted tens of thousands of listeners.

It was very popular with patients in doctor surgery waiting rooms, urban residents longing for the rural life and even had a calming effort among inmates in prisons.

It has been replaced by a digital broadcast station playing music and unsigned bands.

Some angry people are demanding that No. 10 Downing Street get the birdsong station back on the air immediately.

With thanks to the WIA. From Vk1wia-news WIA News Text Edition


Contest News

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

The next contest is the Brass Monkey Contest 1/2-Aug-2009

The rules are available at:

Logs should be sent within two weeks, to: with Contest Log in the subject line,

or by post to:

Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington

Wellington VHF Group


HF Contests

NZART Memorial 4-JUL-2009


IARU HF World Championship 11/12-JUL-2009


Waitakere Sprints 25-July and 01-August-2009



From The NZART Contest Manager

Next week*** I will cover the matters that evolved from the Conference Contesting Forum, including suggested rule changes to the Sangster Shield and Memorial Contests. Also a suggested change to the Jock White Memorial Contest that would encourage increased 40 m activity was put forward by Stuart, ZL2TW.

John Powell ZL1BHQ

***See it at the Web link below from Saturday 13-June-2009

Contest Manager's Reports For 2009


Upcoming Events

IARU R3 Conference 12-16 October 2009


Break-In, Infoline and General Information

Break-In - From the Break-In Editor John ZL3IB

1. Closing Date Reminder: Copy for the JULY/AUGUST issue of Break-In closes on 10-JULY-2009.

2. Document File Format: Please do not send copy for publication as Word 2007.docx files; they cannot be processed. Please send in Word 2003 (or earlier).doc or *.rtf file format.

3. Early receipt of copy is much appreciated.

4. Break-In Contents Index from 1957 can be found at:

Copy for the AREC Break-In Column - From Geoff ZL3QR

The close-of-copy date is the 03-JULY-2009 for articles for publication in the AREC COLUMN OF BREAK-IN. Photos, if available, to be on a separate floppy or CD (with captions), posted DIRECTLY TO US Call Book address. All other material can go to e-mail: or


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