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-ZL7T on Chatham Island -an Offer and Opportunity

-Proposed Amendments to The VHF-UHF-SHF Contest Rules

-RSGB News Available in mp3 Format

-NZART Web URL Changes

-Contests News

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==HF Contests From NZART Contests Manager

-Upcoming Events

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ZL7T on Chatham Island -an Offer and Opportunity

As was advertised in the last Infoline a group of 9 ZL's are activating the Chatham Is as ZL7T from 5 March 12 March 2009. Due to its proximity to ZL this would be a great opportunity for clubs to use us as part of a club activity or tutorial for new HF operators (or even old hands) on correct operating procedures and etiquette when trying to work DX. We will be active in the evenings on the low bands, 160m/80m/40m and would love to work new HF operators and club stations. You can also check out our website for some tips on working us.


Mark ZL3AB


Proposed Amendments to The VHF-UHF-SHF Contest Rules

Published for the information of, and seeking comments from, contestants.

The rules are available at:

Logs should be sent within two weeks, to: with Contest Log in the subject line,

or by post to:

Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington

Wellington VHF Group Website

CLAUSE 1. Contest dates

DX Weekend Contest

All bands 50 MHz and up. First Saturday in February, and the following day. Delayed one week if the Saturday falls on the 4th or 7th of February.

Explanation: This amendment delays the contest to avoid 3-day weekend holidays when New Zealand Day falls on the Friday or Monday.

CLAUSE 2. Definitions

QRP shall mean a transmitter having a maximum output power capability of 5 W, or less.

Explanation: This amendment avoids the power calibration problems of transmitters capable of a higher maximum output power capability.

CLAUSE 11. Logs

(d) Make, model and maximum output power capability of each transmitter used.

CLAUSE 13. Bonus Multipliers (in order of application)

Delete bonus multiplier for different modes.

QRP. Multiply score by 1.5 when your station uses a QRP transmitter, as defined in Section 2 of these Rules. Stations may use QRP on some modes, and/or bands, and high powers on others, with multipliers calculated on a contact by contact basis. The establishing of a contact on high power, then reducing the power for scoring purposes, is not permitted.

Field Station. Multiply previous score by 1.2 when your station is a Field Station, as defined in Section 2 of these Rules.

Explanation: This amendment clarifies and simplifies the application of multipliers.


RSGB News Available in mp3 Format

For ex-Gs and others, NZART HQ has had a reminder that the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) news is available in mp3 format, from:


NZART Web URL Changes

From today, 22-February-2009, the second NZART is dropped from the NZART Webs URL, making the base URL:

You will be automatically redirected to the new base URL should you be using it with the nzart/ suffix.

The other changes made are the deletion of 'update' before BROADCAST, CONTESTS, EVENTS and INFOLINE. Deletion of 'nzart, before BREAKIN has also been made. The base URL that ended with 'nzart/nzart' has been reduced to 'nz'

The important point to note is that the Web pages starting with the old URL of: Will NOT BE UPDATED. A redirection will replace the pages over the next week or so.

Jamie Pye ZL2NN


Contest News



The next contest is the Low Band Contest, 50 MHz to 440 MHz, on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of April 2009. The operating times are: Saturday 1700 to 2300 NZT and Sunday 0700 to 1300 NZT.

The rules are available at:

Logs should be sent within two weeks, to: with Contest Log in the subject line,

or by post to:

Contest Manager, Wellington VHF Group, P.O. Box 12-259, Thorndon, Wellington

Wellington VHF Group


HF Contests

I trust that no one's antenna systems have been damaged, or properties flooded as a result of the adverse weather that has been around today, in some cases will be so until late Saturday.

This weekend's principal contest is the ARRL International CW Contest, fuller details later in this bulletin. A check of the likely ionospehric conditions indicates that band conditions are likely to be only fair. Good luck to those taking part.

Next weekend's principal event for NZART members will be the Jock White Memorial Field Day Contest,

details are also later in this bulletin.


When:-Saturday, 28 February 2009 and Sunday, 1 March 2009

Times :-Saturday -1500 NZDT (0200 UTC) until 2359 NZDT (1100UTC)

Times :-Sunday -0600 NZDT (1700UTC) until 1500 NZDT (0200 UTC)

Bands :-80m and 40m

Modes :-SSB and CW

Rules :-Please refer NZART Website:

Please note the substantive material, Stuart, ZL2TW, the Jock White Field Day Contest Manager has added to the Contest website relative to the forthcoming 2009 event. Prior reference to the website is vital for all operators who will be taking part.


When:-14 and 15 March 2009

Time:-1000Z (14th) to 1000Z (15th) - All Bands -CW Only

Considered to be one of the more gentlemany contests that has been in existence since the mid-1930's. Apart from the individual performances there is a Team's event, based on individual nation's participation. The NZART Team under the astute leadership of Frank Hunt, ZL2BR won this event in 2007 and finished third last year. Frank is looking for Team participants to make up the NZ Team. Interested -contact Frank by "snail mail" at: 8 Manu Crescent, New Plymouth. 4310.

Contests Rules and other operating information is, or will be available at:

Results of 2008 IARU World Championship Contest
STATION      Category QSO'S  Points
ZL2BR        SO HP           252963
ZL2AGY       Multi Op        108730
ZL6A         HQ Station      858772

Fuller details when to hand.


Sangster Shield QRP CW Contest

Thelma Souper Memorial Contest WARO

That's about it for this week,Good luck to those taking part in either of the above contests, the ARRL, or the REF (French) and trust that the predicted band conditions don't come to pass. Also good luck to Lee, ZL2AL and his team heading on a Chatham Islands DXepeditonan All Band HF -ZL7 from 7 March until 12 March.

73, John Powell ZL1BHQ, NZART Contest Manager


Upcoming Events

Te Puke ARC Market Day -Saturday 07-March-2009

Wellington Region Expo -Saturday 28-March-2009

Technology Convention Hamilton -12/14-April-2009

For Further Details Please Look at:

14th IARU R3 Conference -Christchurch 12-16 October 2009

NZART Annual Conference at Napier


Break-In, Infoline and General Information

Break-In - From the Break-In Editor John ZL3IB

1. Closing Date Reminder: Copy for the MARCH/APRIL issue of Break-In closes on 10-MARCH-2009.

2. Document File Format: Please do not send copy for publication as Word 2007.docx files; they cannot be processed. Please send in Word 2003 (or earlier).doc or *.rtf file format.

3. Early receipt of copy is much appreciated.

4. Break-In Contents Index from 1957 can be found at:

Copy for the AREC Break-In Column - From Geoff ZL3QR

The close-of-copy date is the 03-MARCH-2009 for articles for publication in the AREC COLUMN OF BREAK-IN. Photos, if available, to be on a separate floppy or CD (with captions), posted DIRECTLY TO US Call Book address. All other material can go to e-mail: or


The WIA Weekly News Bulletin and The Weekly ARRL Letter can be found at:


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