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-The NZART Business Manager Debby ZL2TDM Says

==Subscription Reminders

==NZART Election

==Remits for Annual Conference in Hastings/Napier

-FMTAG Notes for February 2009

-ZL7 Chatham Island

-ARISS: Humber College contact with the ISS

-ARRL Amateur Radio Mobile Operation Policy

-Swedish Amateurs Granted New Privileges

-A New Youth Association Seeking Members

-John Moyle Field Day

-Contests News

==VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

==HF Contests From NZART Contests Manager

-Upcoming Events

-Break-In/Infoline Information

==Break-In Closing Date Reminders

==Auto-Subscription and Un-Subscribe

==Dates for Official Broadcast (OB) and Headquarters' Infoline

-Editorial Disclaimer

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The NZART Business Manager Debby ZL2TDM Says

Debby says...the first month has gone already - wow the years are flying past now!

Subscription Reminders

By now those of you who have yet to pay your 2009 subscriptions will have received a reminder notice. Just a point, I am human and can make mistakes, so if you believe that you have paid your subscription, please let me know as soon as possible. However I would really appreciate if you could advise by what method the payment has been made, i.e. cheque credit card or direct credit and more importantly the date it has been debited from your account.

If this isn't provided you will have delays in getting your Break In as quite search is involved in finding a missing payment.

NZART Election

This year is an important as your election voting forms will also be included with your first Break In for the year. Please make sure you have your say and vote for the candidate you wish to see representing your area.

Remits for Annual Conference in Hastings/Napier

There are two remits for Conference this year, so in order to have your say within your branches on voting for these come conference time, you will also need to be a financial member of the Association. If you know of people who are unable to pay their annual subscriptions and perhaps may be able to pay on a monthly basis, please get them to contact me.

Talk soon...Deb ZL2TDM


FMTAG Notes for February 2009

At its February 2009 meeting, NZART Council approved publication of the following notes for the information of, and seeking comments from, NZART members.


Branch 05 Christchurch ARC has applied to modify its 144.575 MHz APRS digipeater as follows: change the transmit and receive frequency to 144.650 MHz, increase the output power, and change the licensed location by 400 metres to NZ260 M36 804330. An engineering investigation confirms that there will be no interference to co-located and near-sited stations.

Branch 13 Hastings-Havelock North has applied for an APRS 465 digipeater, to be located at Taraponui, at map reference NZ260 V19 333234. The transmit and receive frequency will be 144.650 MHz. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to co-located and near-sited stations. This application replaces the Interim Recommendation published in March/April 2008 Break-In and the Final Recommendation published in May/June 2008 Break-In.

Branch 60 Taupo has applied for an APRS 465 digipeater, to be located at Maroanui, at map reference NZ260 U17 735940. The transmit and receive frequency will be 144.650 MHz. An engineering evaluation confirms that there will be no interference to co-located and near-sited stations.


None this month.


Please send your comments and suggestions on the above matters and recommendations, and on any other FMTAG matters, by e-mail to

Applications for repeaters, beacons, digipeaters, point-to-point links, and so on, should be made on the latest version of FMTAG Form 10. The latest versions of FMTAG Form 10, and the explanatory Form 10A, are available on the NZART web site:

Completed forms should be sent by e-mail to


ZL7 Chatham Island

A team of nine ZL operators will be activating Chatham Island in March 2009. The team leaders are Lee ZL2AL and Morrie ZL2AAA, The rest of the team will be Lee ZL2LE, John ZL1BYZ, Mike, ZL2CC, Phil ZL2RVW, Mark ZL3AB, Wayne ZL2WG and John ZL1ALZ. Chatham Island is located about 550 Km east of New Zealand about 3 hours by air. Although ZL7 is not particularly rare but is in the top 100 at 87 needed for DXCC and it still generates much activity on the bands. Our Pilot will be in Christchurch Duncan ZL3JT in Christchurch The team will be hosted at the Chatham Fishing Lodge in the fishing village of Kaiangaroa on the north eastern tip of the Chatham Islands .

This DXpedition has been in the planning for over a year and the team can't wait to get on the air from ZL7. We will be looking for newer ops wanting to work ZL7 for the first time and will be listening for VK/ZL and Pacific stations at the end of each hour for a few minutes. We will not be working specific call areas or any region to the disadvantage of any other region. The Icom four station setup with some amplifiers will operate 160M to 10M with CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK modes. Wire loops will be used on 80M and 40M, a vertical on 30M and Yagis on 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10M. We also may try on 160M with the 80M station from time to time.

Most of the experienced operators are DXCC members and look forward to the usual pileups. Frequencies will be in the usual SSB and CW DX haunts on each band with SSB split up 5 kHz and CW split up 3 kHz. Our callsign will be ZL7T The operation will commence March 6, 2009 and end on March 11, 2009. Although Icom New Zealand has offered limited sponsorship, donations would be appreciated as the team will have to cover all expenses including the QSL printing. Donations would be appreciated and I will post a NZ ZL7T Acct number in a separate posting. The website will be up and running in a few weeks and the URL is Logsearch will be available on the team's return as there is no way to get the logs off the island from our remote North East location. Logs will be uploaded to the LoTW within six months. QSL via Buro or Direct via ZL2AL CBA or

73, Lee ZL2AL See you in the pile-ups


ARISS: Humber College contact with the ISS

I just received this via the NASA ARISS Channel. Tom Clark, K3IO is the originator.

"On Monday, Feb 2nd, 2009, CBC show "AS IT HAPPENS" had a nice ~6 minute piece on the Humber College/VA3JUV contact with a very enthusiastic Sandra Magnus (KE5FYE) on the ISS end. Here in the Balto/Wash area, AS IT HAPPENS is carried on WAMU (88.5).

To listen to the AIH audio, fetch and QSY to a time ~16 min 50 sec. The ISS audio is really great at ~21 min 30 sec. ARISS is referred to as an "offshoot of NASA" at ~18:40 and "ham radio" is said once."


Daniel, VE2KA

From and with thanks to the RAC-Bulletin (Radio Amateurs of Canada)


ARRL Amateur Radio Mobile Operation Policy

On January 30, at the instruction of the Board of Directors at its January 2009 meeting, the ARRL Executive Committee adopted a policy statement on mobile Amateur Radio operations. The statement addresses the growing number of proposed state and local laws and ordinances regulating the use of cellular telephone and text messaging, inadvertently affecting Amateur Radio mobile communications. See website with URL


Swedish Amateurs Granted New Privileges

On January 29, the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) announced that Amateur Radio operators in that country will now have access to 50-52 MHz (6 meters) with a power output limit of 200 W <>. Before the change, Swedish amateurs were allowed on the band only with arer (SSA), Sweden's IARU Member-Society, also announced that as of April 1, Swedish amateurs will gain access to 7.0-7.2 MHz (40 meters), bringing Sweden into line with the WRC-03 decision to shift broadcasting stations in Regions 1 and 3 out of the 7100-7200 kHz band and to reallocate the band exclusively to the Amateur Service in those two regions as of March 29 <>. Each country in Regions 1 and 3 is permitted to determine their own timeline for the amateur allocation. While the band has been vacated by commercial broadcasters, no country is required to give amateurs privileges on those frequencies.

The above two items came from The ARRL Letter/American Radio Relay League VOL 28 No 5 Friday-6-FEB-2009


A New Youth Association Seeking Members

A new national youth association based in the USA is seeking both youth and adult members to join and help them get active!

The Amateur Cowboys Radio Club which was recently renamed to Amateur Radio Youth Association (Club) was founded by three young hams in New Mexico. The founders are Dustin N0DRC, Jared KE5LZV, and Phil KE5LZX.

Since November of 2007 the club has taken a new outlook on Amateur Radio and is now dedicating its self to the education of the general public and youth. The mission of the Amateur Radio Youth Assn is to further educate the public about the importance of Amateur Radio and to help students learn several middle school, and high school subjects through the use of Amateur Radio.

You can visit their website at

(Dustin Cox, N0DRC Website: on January 29, 2009)


John Moyle Field Day

The dates this year unfortunately the dates coincide with the BERU contest on the 14th and 15th March. The date was moved last July at the request of number of operators, however next year the dates will follow the usual system of the third full weekend in March.

It is worth noting that there have been a few changes to the rules for the contest.

You are invited to check them at the site: and follow the links to the contest area and the John Moyle site.

The rule changes will be examined and discussed next week.

(Denis Johnstone ((VK4AE)) Contest Manager)

The above two items come from VK1WIA-news for FEB-8-2009


Contest News

VHF/UHF/SHF Contest Notes

RESULTS OF THE FIELD DAY CONTEST 6th and 7th December 2008

One hundred and seventy eight stations active in this contest held in early December 2008. The total number is made from fifty-six VKs from VK1 to VK7. The Auckland VHF Group ZL1BQ, gained the highest number of point with a total of 19 056. Auckland Branch ZL1AA, was second with 8684 points followed by ZL1AOX, with 6201.

Band    Frequency                       Band    Frequency
Callsign    Locator     Points          Callsign    Locator     Points
6 m     (50 MHz)                        23 cm       (1296 MHz)
ZL1BQ       RF64sg      3470            ZL1BQ       RF64sg      1569
ZL1AA       RF73ir      1896            ZL1AA       RF73ir      585
ZL2QS       RE89je      1247            ZL2IP       RF70br      567
ZL2AS       RF80iu      547             ZL1AOX      RF72mv      440
ZL4DK       RE54fe      522             ZL2AS       RF80iu      95
ZL1AOX      RF72mv      85              ZL4DK       RE54fe      25
2 m (144 MHz)                           13 cm       (2424 MHz)
ZL1BQ       RF64sg      2464            ZL1AA       RF73ir      873
ZL2AS       RF80iu      823             ZL1AOX      RF72mv      720
ZL4DK       RE54fe      713             ZL1BQ       RF64sg      533
ZL1AA       RF73ir      712             ZL2IP       RF70br      295
ZL2QS       RE89je      470
ZL3TY       RE57om      435             9 cm        (3399/3400 MHz)
ZL3TJ       RE78iq      372             ZL1AA       RF73ir      1746
ZL1AOX      RF72mv      261             ZL1AOX      RF72mv      1440
ZL2MA       RF70ke      161             ZL2IP       RF70br      170
70 cm       (432 MHz)                   5 cm        (5760 MHz)
ZL1BQ       RF64sg      1974            ZL1BQ       RF64sg      4928
ZL1AA       RF73ir      658             ZL1AOX      RF72mv      2702
ZL2IP       RF70bs      610             ZL1AA       RF73ir      2048
ZL2AS       RF80iu      588             ZL2IP       RF70br      1777
ZL1AOX      RF72mv      553
ZL2QS       RE89je      531             3 cm        (10368 MHz)
ZL4DK       RE54fe      283             ZL1BQ       RF64sg      3987
ZL3TJ       RE78iq      193             ZL2IP       RF70br      2962
ZL3TY       RE57om      100
32 cm       (925 MHz)
ZL1AA       RF73ir      165
ZL1BQ       RF64sg      131
TOTAL SCORES                            BEST DX
ZL1BQ       RF64sg      19056           6 m         ZL4DK - VK4SIX      3920 km
ZL1AA       RF73ir      8684            2 m         ZL1IU - ZL3TY       831 km
ZL1AOX      RF72mv      6201            70 cm       ZL1IU - ZL3TY       831 km
ZL2IP       RF70br      5771            32 cm       ZL1AA - ZL1BQ       121 km
ZL2QS       RE89je      2248            23 cm       ZL1BQ - ZL3DC       631 km
ZL2AS       RF80iu      2053            13 cm       ZL1BQ - ZL2IP       391 km
ZL4DK       RE54fe      1543            9 cm        ZL1AA - ZL1AOX      97 km
ZL2IP       RF70bs      610             5 cm        ZL1BQ - ZL2IP       391 km
ZL3TJ       RE78iq      565             3 cm        ZL1BQ - ZL2IP       391 km
ZL3TY       RE57om      535
ZL2MA       RF70ke      161


The next contest is the Low Band Contest, 50 MHz to 440 MHz, on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of April 2009. The operating times are: Saturday 1700 to 2300 NZT and Sunday 0700 to 1300 NZT.

The rules are available at:

Logs should be sent within two weeks, to: with Contest Log in the subject line,

Contest Manager

Wellington VHF Group

P.O. Box 12-259






HF Contests

Only three weekends to the 2009 Jock White Memorial Field Day. By now it would be reasonable to expect most branches will have virtually finalised and to those who haven't I guess these matters will be receiving attention over the next week, or so


When: - CW - 21 and 22 February 2009 - 0000Z (21st) - 2400Z (22nd)

Phone - 7 and 8 March 2009 - 0000Z (7th) - 2400 (8th)

Rules and other contest information - refer to the ARRL Website


When:- Saturday, 28 February 2009 and Sunday, 1 March 2009

Times :- Saturday - 1500 NZDT (0200 UTC) until 2359 NZDT (1100UTC)

Times :- Sunday - 0600 NZDT (1700UTC) until 1500 NZDT (0200 UTC)

Bands :- 80m and 40m

Modes :- SSB and CW


When:- 14 and 15 March 2009

Time:- 1000Z (14th) to 1000Z (15th) - All Bands - CW Only

Contests Rules and other operating information is, or will be available at :-

73, John Powell ZL1BHQ, NZART Contest Manager


Upcoming Events

Te Puke ARC Market Day - Saturday 07-March-2009

Wellington Region Expo - Saturday 28-March-2009

Technology Convention Hamilton - 12/14-April-2009

For Further Details Please Look at:

14th IARU R3 Conference - Christchurch 12-16 October 2009

Editorial Disclaimer

Headquarters Infoline Issue 175 of 21 December 2008 contained an article titled 'A Reply To "Being a Councillor of the NZART"'. The reply was a response to an article published in Headquarters Infoline Issue 174 titled "Being A Councillor of NZART".

I wish to acknowledge that it was a mistake to publish the article in full.

At the time Headquarters Infoline Issue 175 was published, I did not know who were to be the candidates for the next NZART Council Election.

Jamie Pye ZL2NN


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