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The International Amateur Radio Union


Because it uses an international natural resource - the radio spectrum - Amateur Radio must organise nationally and internationally for better mutual use of the radio spectrum among radio amateurs throughout the world, to develop Amateur Radio worldwide, and to successfully interact with the agencies responsible for regulating and allocating radio frequencies.

At the international level, national societies throughout the world work together for the international good of Amateur Radio under the auspices of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). The IARU web page is at:

The IARU is an organisation in which its Members are Amateur Radio societies.

Created in Paris in 1925, the IARU has been the watchdog and spokesman for the world Amateur Radio community. The IARU Constitution organises the Union into three Regional Organisations that correspond to the three administrative regions of the ITU. (Notes about IARU Region 3 follow below.)

The IARU is a member of the ITU Radio Sector and the ITU Development Sector. Representatives from IARU may attend ITU meetings and conferences, representing the Amateur Service and the Amateur Satellite Service.

The IARU has its headquarters, the International Secretariat, at the headquarters of the USA society, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), in Newington, Connecticut, USA.

The prime purpose of the IARU is the protection of the Amateur Services.

The IARU objectives, as shown in the IARU Constitution, are:

  • The name of this organisation is the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), hereinafter also referred to as the IARU.
  • Its objectives shall be the protection, promotion, and advancement of the Amateur and Amateur-Satellite Services within the framework of regulations established by the International Telecommunication Union, and to provide support to Member-Societies in the pursuit of these objectives at the national level, with special reference to the following:
    • representation of the interests of amateur radio at and between conferences and meetings of international telecommunications organisations;
    • encouragement of agreements between national amateur radio societies on matters of common interest;
    • enhancement of amateur radio as a means of technical self-training for young people;
    • promotion of technical and scientific investigations in the field of radiocommunication;
    • promotion of amateur radio as a means of providing relief in the event of natural disasters;
    • encouragement of international goodwill and friendship;
    • support of Member-Societies in developing amateur radio as a valuable national resource, particularly in developing countries; and
    • development of amateur radio in those countries not represented by Member-Societies.

The IARU Constitution may be viewed at:

IARU Region 3 - The Regional Amateur Radio Body


IARU has adopted the same three Regions as the ITU and each Region has its own amateur radio organisation. IARU Region 3 was founded in Sydney in 1968 with NZART one of the founding member societies. The Headquarters of IARU Region 3 is in Tokyo, Japan, at the headquarters of the Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL).

The Objects of IARU Region 3 are similar to those of IARU but centred on the Asia-Pacific area. An IARU Region 3 web page is at

The following extract is from the IARU Region 3 Constitution:

Name: The name of the organisation shall be the International Amateur Radio Union Region 3 herein called IARU Region 3.

Object and Activities: The object of IARU Region 3 is to promote, represent and advance in whatsoever manner IARU Region 3 thinks fit, the interest of Radio Amateurs in all countries of Region 3 of the International Telecommunications Union (and without limiting the generality of the foregoing) by the furtherance of the objects of the International Amateur Radio Union and having regard to the special interest of radio amateurs in Asia and Oceania which interests are to protect and enhance radio amateur privileges in all of the countries in the Region, to encourage an awareness of the value of radio amateurs by the administrations of all the countries in the Region, to educate and encourage potential radio amateurs in all of the countries of the Region, to represent radio amateurs both nationally and internationally, and to protect and retain amateur radio frequency allocation as frequencies allocated for the sole use of radio amateurs and provided always shall exercise its powers in support of IARU and not in substitution for the exercise of power by IARU.


Further details about NZART can be obtained from the web at  NZART. There are several categories of NZART membership which include Transmitting and Non-Transmitting. Anyone interested in radio can join. E-mail enquiries to will bring details about NZART Membership. On-line details about  Joining NZART - Membership has advantages.
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