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Publications To Help You With Your Studies

Many items have been developed to help you to study for the New Zealand Amateur Radio Examination. The following can be obtained from the NZART website or from NZART Headquarters at the address below. For convenience, print and use the Order Form

  • A book with all 600 questions from the Examination Question-Bank. This can be downloaded from the NZART website.
  • A booklet: The New Rules Explained, covering the Regulatory, Frequency and Q-code parts of the Amateur Radio Examination. This too can be downloaded from the NZART website.
  • A book The NZART Basic Radio Training Manual covering the other parts of the Amateur Radio Examination, the basics of amateur radio and radio theory.
  • A CD-ROM with the Study Guide, Tutorial Notes, the Morse Teacher and Amateur Radio promotional material. These items can be gift-wrapped and posted to a person at an address of your choice. If you know of someone who is showing an interest in becoming a radio amateur, send a gift of this Study Guide and perhaps some other items too! Help to get another person on the way to becoming a radio amateur!

Print, complete and post this Order Form

Books To Support Your Study

This Study GUIDE is designed to start you on your way to acquiring enough knowledge and understanding to pass the New Zealand Amateur Radio Examination. It does not pretend to be a complete text for radio and electronics.

You are advised to purchase or borrow one or more books to supplement your studies. A vast range of material is available in text-book form for the radio enthusiast. The list below is specifically for the amateur.

The NZART CallBook: Recommended as essential. Published annually around July-August. A compendium about Amateur Radio in New Zealand The Annual Call Book comes to you as a part of your NZART annual subscription.

NZART Membership information Non-Transmitting membership is available for anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio.

The CallBook is particularly important for the active operator for the bandplans and for the repeater and beacon information.

The General Secretary of the _New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART)_ can give details. It is an essential book for the student.

Be sure to ask for the thick edition - the one containing the reference information. (In some years the book is published as a callsign listing and with only limited reference material). The address is:

The General Secretary,

New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART),

P O Box 40 525, UPPER HUTT.

Phone: 04 528 2170 Fax: 04 528 2173 E-mail

The NZART Basic Radio Training Manual: The latest version is the Sixth Edition 2004. This is an excellent book for the basics of amateur radio and for radio theory. Because of the frequently-changing nature of regulations, this book does not cover the regulatory requirements for the examination. That need is filled by the booklet: The New Rules Explained, which covers the Regulatory, Frequency and Q-code parts of the Amateur Radio Examination.


ARRL Handbook

ARRL Handbook: Published by the American Radio Relay League, this is a book that has been produced annually since the 1920's. It contains a summary of radio theory and a wide selection of circuits and construction projects. This book is updated from year to year but any recent copy will serve you well. Borrow or scrounge a copy! Check at the ARRL web site: ARRL (Search using handbook in the _Search_ box). It is also available on CD-ROM.

Radio Communication Handbook (RSGB)

Published by the Radio Society of Great Britain, this is the British equivalent of the ARRL Handbook. It is an excellent reference book. Check the RSGB web site: RSGB (Search using handbook)

Radio Amateurs Examination Manual

(Also called RAE Manual) This is a British paper equivalent of this STUDY GUIDE. Radio theory is handled in great detail in this book and it is thoroughly recommended - but of course there is no information about the New Zealand examination or the New Zealand regulations. Details of the book are available from the RSGB web site: RSGB (Search using Training).


Further details about NZART can be obtained from the web at  NZART. There are several categories of NZART membership which include Transmitting and Non-Transmitting. Anyone interested in radio can join. E-mail enquiries to will bring details about NZART Membership. On-line details about  Joining NZART - Membership has advantages.
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