Thanks to all who took part this year. Logs were received from 29 operators, a record in recent years.

Congratulations to Paul ZL1PC in winning the Sangster Shield once again. Paul's 4th win of the Open Section this year equals the record of ZL1PZ who gained his 4th win in 2002. -Well done Paul.

Barry ZL2LN (Motueka) moves up to 2nd from 3rd last year & Graeme ZL1T takes 3rd place on his return after several years absence.

Barry ZL2LN (as 2nd overall) easily wins the Arthur Stevens South Island Trophy once more from the 4 entries received this year.

Titahi Bay Branch 42 wins the Branch Award with Branch 28 2nd & Branch 50 3rd this year.

There were no newly licenced entrants for the Transistor Trophy.

One station (ZL3FS) operated with over 5 watts and only 2 of his contacts were claimed as 5 points.

Only 5 VK contacts were recorded by 5 entrants in this year in logs received which was just 1/2 last years count. The long wait for improvement in HF conditions still goes on.

The 22 qualifying active Branches were:3,5,8,10,13,16,17,24,25,27,28,29,42,45,50,51,56,65,72,75,84,88.

For reasons of low activity or inaccurate copy I have deducted claims for Branches 9 (1 contact recorded), 55(1), 20(2), 30(3), 37(several - read on).

The position with Branch 37 was cleared up by receipt of the check log from Robin ZL4IG. Robin operated Saturday night in Invercargill (Bch 75) & Sunday night in Queenstown (Bch 37). Since the number of contacts from Branch 37 was below the guidelines for Branch claims I have awarded Branch 75 to all contestants who worked ZL4IG on either night. Thanks again to Robin for your check log.

As I have stated each year, operators are encouraged to take part in the contest no matter how few contacts they can manage. We would all sooner have the extra activity rather than less. All contacts count & I have had no problems in dropping the low count Branch claims. Because logs are received from around 90% of operators my job is made easy.

The scoring task was a pleasure as was the opportunity for me to take part both nights this year. would just like to remind entrants to underline (or highlight) the contacts in their log which are being used to claim a branch.

Comments received:

* Colin ZL4KJ worked from home this year rather than the "superior Field" day site. -Strange thing is his score is well up on last year!

* Matthew & Stephen Pearce ZLs1MAT & 1ANY Branch 28 shared their shack & worked 1 & 2hr stints each over both evenings. Their scores are pretty close.

* Robin ZL4IG revealed that he entered the contest within 6 weeks of his first ever CW contact!

* John ZL1VD needed his high tech. DSP receiver to ward off another Bch 42 station about 1/2 km away. Just as well we are at 5 watts John. He was also pleased at the lack of "wild bugs" this year.

* Bill ZL2AVL commented on good copy from Tony ZL2ALJ's (Wellington) 2 watts & also queried ZL4IG's Branch (see above Bill - you were pretty close at 38 & I have credited you with 75!).

* Roy ZL1WI reported "Saturday noisy & Sunday noisier - What's new! -Good fun"

* Alistair ZL2ARC (Ch-Ch) reports the most activity he has heard during this contest. Certainly the South Island was well represented.

* First timer Phil ZL3PAH worked around the Rugby on Saturday (Crusaders vs Blues) and visitors on Sunday.

Sangster Operating Periods & Rules:

I understand that the Sangster, as a one or two night contest, was discussed at this year's conference. Attendees were asked to take the discussion outcome back to Branches for further input.

I received no comments on single or two nights from entrants this year - but have had one recommendation to dispense with the over 5 watt class. In the last 10 years no scored logs have been received from over 5 watt entrants, hence no awards have been made in this class.

-73's de Glenn ZL2KZ