Boat Anchor Sprint Results Saturday, 14th November 2009

Section 1:
Martyn Seay ZL3CK;      ARC5 60W OUT INVT V @30 FT.;                    8 points
Barrie Vivian ZL2LA;    HEATHKIT;                                       8 points
John Nicholson  ZL1AUB; RX Collins 75A1; TX Collins 32V3 running 100w;  7 points
Bill Cousins ZL2AYZ;    ARC5 RX  TX ARC5 12W output Inverted V antenna; 6 points
Tom Spackman  ZL1WW;    TX RCA ET4336,1943; Rx TMC GPR90 1955 vintage;  6 Points
George McLean ZL2GM;    1945 Collins TCS12 TX℞                       5 points

Section 2:
Paul Greenwood ZL2GRE;    FT 101B and homebrew ATU  80M Dipole 4m. high; 9 points
Mike Digby-Smith  ZL1MDS; FT401;                                         7 points

Conditions were a lot better now
Have a good Xmas all, Regards Mike ZL1MDS

Boat Anchor Sprint Results (8/8/09):

Section 1:
John Nicholson, ZL1AUB; Collins TCS12 about 25 watts; Rx. AR88;             6 points.
Phil Lewton, ZL2HF;     68 set in st. trim into an inverted V at 18 metres; 5 points.
Bruce Scahill, ZL1BWG;  ZC1 MK2 into linear with a pair of 1625's, output 
                        60 watts into a half wave dipole;                   4 points.
George Mclean, ZL2GM;   1945 Collins TCS 12 tx and rx;                      3 points

Section 2:
Tony Fletcher, ZL2ALJ; FT101 at about 40 watts into an end fed aerial 
                       40m long;                                            6 points.
George Boorer, ZL3PN;  FT200 into an inverted v antenna;                    5 points.

Comments from Mike ZL1MDS:
Sorry I was not on this night. I just came out of hospital on Saturday afternoon. 
Got a new knee put in and was feeling too sore -but we will be back next time. 
Hopefully conditions will also be better by then.
Also good to see the Friday night net having a good number of check-ins.
All the best, Mike ZL1MDS.

Boat Anchor Sprint Results (9/5/09):

Section 1:
1. Bruce ZL1BWG: 7 Points; ZC1 MK2 with linear amp. 
                           running a pair of 1625 output 50 w
2. John ZL1AUB:  6 Points; Tx. Collins TCS12 25 Watts; 
                           Rx. Chinese Type 222 military 12 tubes
3. Barrie ZL2LA; 6 Points, Heathkit

Section 2:
1. Tony; 6 Points; FT101, 40 Watts, Long wire aerial
2. Mike; 5 Points; FTDX401

NOT many people on but I know 4 people usually on were away, 
we will see you on next time.
Regards Mike, ZL1MDS