Around 30, or so attended the Sunday morning Forum. Originally, Stuart Watchman, ZL2TW, was scheduled to jointly conduct the Forum along with myself. However, Stuart was unavoidably detained at the AREC Annual General Meeting and as a consequence discussion of Jock White Field Day Contest matters was somewhat restricted. The following contests were reviewed and ideas were canvassed for comment and suggested revision, improvement, or otherwise of the respective rules governing their running.

Sangster Shield

I put forward a proposal based on my discussions with Glenn Kingston, Sangster Shield Contest Manager in mid-2007 :

-that the Sangster Shield Contest be conducted on one evening only, the Saturday, with extended operating hours until 2400 NZST, i.e. the hours of operation being 2000 NZST until 2400 NZST.

The general consensus was acceptance of the proposal, with implementation becoming effective in the 2010 event.

NZART Memorial Contest

A proposal was put to me following the 2008 event suggesting a couple of changes to the Contest rules. At the time I advised the proposer that I would like to gauge other participants' views and to do this I would raise the matter at the 2009 Conference Contest Forum. The proposals were:

-(i) revise the present hourly operating periods to half-hourly operating periods making a total of 12 operating periods spread over both evenings.

-(ii) introduce a new operating section for Low Power (20 watt max, output) SSB operation to encourage VK Foundation License (and ZL Foundation Licensees, later if introduced into NZ).

The first proposal was supported by the meeting, while the second matter failed to get any support.

Jock White Field Day Contest

In the absence of Stuart, ZL2TW I raised the issue as outlined by him in the May/June 2009 Break In Contests column (page34) regarding the fostering of increased 40m operation by Field day stations. The proposal generally found support from those present, although there were diverse views on how any incentive scoring would be applied. I requested those present to take this topic back to their Branch(es) and advise Stuart Watchman, ZL2TW of their respective views.

Inter North Island Top Dog Field Day Station - Jock White Memorial Field Day

A trophy should be available for an "Open Class" -the top score in NZ using both modes and both bands and open to ANY participating field day station whether it be ZL1, 2, 3 or 4. It would not restricted to any ZL area. There are many contest groups around ZL that only go out for the joy of knocking off all the best branches and having the highest score. An award such as that does not exist at present. The trophy would not be available to Home stations.

Lee Jennings, ZL2AL, said that he would fund the trophy to be called the Ron Wills Field Day Trophy for the winner of the "Open class".

The late Ron Wills, ZL2TT a well-respected contester and dear friend of Lee and his family.


Email ;-zl2tw@nzart.org.nz or his Call Book address.


Towards the end of 2007 I indicated to Council that I would like to hand over the reins in mid 2010. This I confirmed to Council in late 2008. Council has appointed Edwin Musto, ZL1BBO as my successor and I envisage the changeover will occur in early/mid 2010.

Mary, my XYL and I are keen to undertake some travel and as the years roll by, the concept of emulating "Old Mr. Grace", of Are You being served fame is decidedly unattractive, hence my decision.