Index to Volume 42, 1969

ANTENNAE:                                            Issue   Page
Electronic Aerial Switch                             Mar       45
The "663" H.F. Beam                                  Jun      135
Simple Beam Rotator                                  Jun      138
VHF Antennas                                         Jun      139
An All-band Transmatch                               Jun      140
The Two Metre "Sly" Beam                             Jun      141
Homebrew Helliwhip                                   Jun      147
Coupling the Coax to the Antenna                     Jun      149
Tips on Tuning a Beam                                Jun      151
The New Improved Vertical (Not Serious)              Aug      205
The HRH Delta Loop Antenna                           Dec      339
Low Power Transceiver for Eighty Metres using I.C.'s Jan/Feb    3
80 Metre Transistorised Transceiver                  Mar       43
All Transistor Two Metre Transceiver Part 1          Apr       67
All Transistor Two Metre Transceiver Part 2          May      103
A Four Watt QRP Transceiver                          Oct      266
A Linear Amplifier Using TT21 Valves                 Jul      167
TV Sweep Tubes in Class ABI Linear Amplifiers        Jul      171
Transmitting Switching                               Aug      203
Linear Power Amplifiers                              Sep      235
VHF AM Transistor Transmitter                        Nov      303
Instant Audio                                        Aug      199
A Solid State Phase Modulator                        Aug      201
A Transistorised Two Tone Test Osc.                  Oct      272
An Audio Peak Limiter                                Oct      276
Microphone Amplifier                                 Nov      312
Receiving A.T.V.                                     Nov      309
A.T.V. Part 2. Antennas-Mast-head Preamp.            Dec      349
Safe Transformerless Mains Connections               Apr      108
Suppression Transistor Power Supply Noise            Sep      238
Choke Input Filters                                  Oct      274
Demonstration Power Supply                           Nov      313
A Low Voltage Power Supply                           Dec      353
Printed Circuit Board Design                         Jan/Feb    9
Automatic Keyer                                      Mar       35
Protection of Semi-conductor Power Diodes            Mar       46
Modernising the Eddystone 750                        Apr      109
An Electronic Siren                                  May      132
C.I.T. Signal Injector                               Aug      207
A Simple Electronic Keyer                            Aug      209
A.P.C. Layout Enlargement                            Aug      210
Crystal Substandard using IC's                       Aug      212
Stand-by Battery Float Charger                       Sep      230
A 9 MHz Bilateral IF Amp                             Sep      233
Generating RTTY Tones                                Sep      237
Diode RF-AGC Circuits                                Sep      239
Slow Scan TV News                                    Sep      257
Ionosphere Predictions and their Uses                Oct      285
Breadboarding                                        Nov      308
Soldering for the Beginner                           Nov      317
Quartz Crystal Oscillators                           Dec      343
Why Crystals work at Two Frequencies                 Dec      347
Bev Takes a Trip Part 1                              Jan/Feb   11
Bev Takes a Trip Part 2                              Mar       38
Meet Monty                                           Mar       53
Chatham Islands Dx-pedition Part 1                   Apr      111
The Amateur Radio Service                            Apr      115
Around the World by Light Aircraft                   Apr      117
Around and About                                     May      123
Idle Thoughts by an Idle Fellow                      May      129
Questions and Answers (Circa 1923)                   May      131
The Commandments of Electric Safety                  Jun      159
Old Timers                                           Jul      183
Wellington Wanderings                                Aug      213
Chatham Islands DX-pedition Part 2                   Sep      242
Branch 29 A Brief History                            Oct      279
Auckland Amateur Radio Exhibition                    Oct      282
ZL3WS at the N.Z. Industries Fair                    Oct      283
Downward Ho-a Tale of the Twenties                   Oct      292
Adding a Third Dimension to the AREC                 Nov      319
Out of the Past                                      Nov      320
Can You Answer These?                                Nov      334
The Answers                                          Dec      360
From General Secretary                               Jan/Feb   26
Annual Reports                                       Apr       75
1969 Conference Minutes                              Jul      175
Council Jottings                                     Jul      178
Report of Overseas Liaison Officer                   Jul      179
From our Guest Visitor VK3KI                         Jul      180
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