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Sunday 10th January 2010 informal


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Jock White Memorial Field Day Saturday-Sunday 27th & 28th February 2010


"Radio Ham Cracks WW2 code"

This story details the results of a challenge to crack secret messages encoded by a WW2 cipher.

A German Amateur, Joachim Schueth from Bonn, deciphered the code in less than two hours using software he wrote for the challenge. The code encrypted by a Lorenz SZ42 encryptor was cracked by Schueth's programme in just 46 seconds. The permutations of the Lorenz SZ42 are 16 million million million. It has a cipher based on wheels with an almost infinite number of settings.

The British Colossus computer originally built in the 1940's to break secret German wartime transmissions was expected to complete the task in 6 hours. This computer has been painstakingly rebuilt over the last 14 years. A forerunner of modern computers, Colossus was the size of a truck; built with the help of Enigma Code breaker Alan Turing and other mathematicians. In its day it was one of the most powerful calculating machines in the world.

Schueth wrote in his website that it may have been a bit unfair putting Colossus in competition with modern computers.


Musick Memorial Radio has a local FM Transmission
on 88.2Mhz and can be heard within the perimeter of the station. 
It provides a background history of the area and the station and can be heard in the carpark. 
The transmission is similar to "Tourist Radio" that can be heard in other parts of the Auckland Region. 
The Club has provided the information, the text is read by Jim ZL2BHF and provides information, 
which has already been published in the club newsletters. 
No, the station can not be heard over greater Auckland due to the low power of the transmitter. 


The 147.325 Repeater has been operational at the present Ponga site
since 27 March 1993.

It was made operational by teamwork and members
of the South Auckland Repeater Group.