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Letter from Harold A Boyd ZL1CH -16 July 2001  
A brief history of regulation of radiocommunications in New Zealand 1903 - 2003 - thanks to Wayne Wedderspoon
Another Top Loaded Vertical -
thanks to
Ross Glover  ZL1BGB
Just another day in the RI Office
 - Ian Walker ZL1BFB
Coastwatchers - World War II Curtain Track J-Pole
thanks to Ross Glover  ZL1BGB
Historical Notes - Courtesy of Jane Mathews Morse Operators - A skilled but lonely breed
Courtesy of Kelvin Enting
   NZPO RI DF Equipment - Mobile operations
- Ian Walker ZL1BFB
Operating Desk -
Short Story by I D Walker
 The Gibson Girl Story - Ian Walker ZL1BFB
Travel - Motorhome Radio Layout
- Merv Thomas Zl1SK
When Spark was King
- Thanks to Wayne Wedderspoon
World Record - Mr. Ivan O’Meara’s Success. WW I Radio Equipment Photos
Thanks to
Ross Glover  ZL1BGB  This link will take you to information relating to Awarua Radio / ZLB - thanks to Alan Gilchrist ZL4PZ - This link will take you to information relating to Wellington Radio / ZLW  - thanks to Jamie ZL2NN
Page Contents
ZLW was New Zealand's First Official Radio Station
The Inaugurated Radio-telephone Call Between England and New Zealand
Satellites Have Not Taken Over Radio Communications
Work Of Makara Radio Station
Radio Signal Propagation Observed During an Eclipse in 1930
Page Contents
What ZLW was in the 1980s
Erection and Dismantling of the Six Steel Towers
The First Qualified Women Radio Operator in New Zealand Branch 30 has recently relaunched it's website and you're invited to take a look
1909 - First recorded case of radio Interference - Thanks to Wayne Wedderspoon
1911 - First New Zealand Radio Station - Thanks to Wayne Wedderspoon